Collection vehicles and ZFE

NEWS – The forthcoming introduction of low emission zones by 11 French metropolises is mobilizing the French Federation of Vintage Vehicles. Low Emission Zones (ZFE), which set traffic restrictions in 11 French cities to increase air quality, fuel all fantasies. There is, however, no need to get carried away and be alarmed. Contrary to what […]

Mercedes Benz CLS350 2006, a 4-door sedan that is prettier than …

loading… JAKARTA – The standard condition alone makes those who see it “pee”. This is the 2006 Mercedes Benz CLS350 (W219), a 4-door sedan that looks even prettier than the two-door version. READ ALSO: Here’s how to clean a sultan’s house, use personal dry cleaning to portable vacuum cleaners Unlike the CL-Class class (Mercedes-Benz luxury […]

Lewis Hamilton challenges Max Verstappen to give an opinion on Pirelli tires

You can find it every day on latest F1 news and of course everything about Max Verstappen. We are the largest F1 community online and with the biggest fans you can comment on everything on a daily basis news about Max Verstappen in Red Bull Racing. On the 2020 F1 calendar There are 22 […]

Höffmann & Partner | Lawyers and notary in Cloppenburg

Daimler, Audi, VW, Porsche, SEAT, ŠKODA– If you buy a diesel vehicle affected by the emissions scandal from the, you may be entitled to high claims for damages. Since numerous claims can expire at the end of 2020, the prospect of success of a procedure against the vehicle manufacturer should be checked before the end […]

Five to twelve for Red Bull: which engine will Verstappen get in 2022? | NOW

According to a self-imposed deadline, Red Bull has to decide before the end of November with which bike the Max Verstappen team will start in 2022. December is approaching and there is no white smoke yet. Who will succeed Honda? 2022 still seems a long way off, but there is definitely pressure on the boiler. […]

Here is the fastest production car on the historic German circuit

Mercedes AMG Black Series, is record at the Nurburgring GT3 racing driver Maro Engel demonstrated in a truly impressive way how much the new one Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is close to the world of motorsport, driving the very fast production car on the Nordschleife in Nuremberg. The record time recorded by the car and […]

Formula 1, GP Turkey 2020: live direct from Italy

The Turkish GP is underway: in the lead Hamilton, chasing the 7th title as Schumacher, with Bottas struggling in the rear. Super race for Leclerc and Vettel, chasing the podium. Verstappen turns but starts again, Stroll in crisis. Track that is drying but with grip problems. Retreat for Giovinazzi and Magnussen. The Istanbul race is […]

Prerequisites for winning the championship

With four stages remaining in the season, Lewis Hamilton leads the World Championship, 85 points ahead of Valtteri Bottas. Only they had a chance for a champion title – and Lewis can win it in two weeks in Istanbul. If Valtteri wins all the remaining races – and has the best lap in all, he […]

Mercedes cars will remain black in 2021

Mercedes cars are painted black this year in support of the anti-racist movement. Many consider this range to be successful from an aesthetic point of view. After the race in Imola, team leader Toto Wolff said that the cars will be black next season, and in 2022, when the rules change, Mercedes will return to […]