Announcement, The Government Will Stop Selling Motorcycles and Cars That Use Fuel

RI Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Arifin Tasrif while giving a press statement in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/7/2020) (Source: Doc. Public Relations of EBTKE) JAKARTA, COMPASS.TV– Don’t expect to find dealers selling oil-fueled motorcycles and gasoline-fueled cars again in Indonesia. Because all the vehicles they will sell use new and renewable energy technology drives and […]

Germany’s Turn to Build an Electric Car Battery Raw Material Factory in RI

Jakarta – Trade relations between the Republic of Indonesia and the countries of the Eastern European region continue to experience significant developments. Various signings of cooperation and efforts to find new markets continue to be made to increase the value of trade between Indonesia and Eastern European countries, especially Bulgaria. Followed by China, Germany Builds […]

Getting Worse, Stellantis Almost Collapsed Due to Semiconductor Crisis

loading… The Italian FIM-CISL Trade Union said the impact of the global shortage of semiconductors on the production of the Italian car Stellantis this year will be even worse. Photo/doc MILAN – Italy’s FIM-CISL Trade Union reveals the impact of global semiconductor shortages on Italian car production Stellantis this year will be worse and longer […]

Tesla is moving. The reason is lower costs

So far, Tesla is based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Palo Alto. However, it does not leave the west coast completely, it intends to continue producing here. Tesla will officially move its headquarters from Silicon Valley, California to Texas. This was announced at the general meeting of shareholders of the American carmaker by the […]

Vain promises or finally a renaissance? Alfa Romeo promises a flood of news

Alfa Romeo again indicates its future plans. Until 2026, he wants to introduce one novelty every year. Alfa Romeo has been suffering again in recent years, although the new generation of its models has received critical acclaim, but in the store, Stelvio and Giulia remain below expectations. Now, however, the brand is part of the […]

The future of Mazda in Europe officially: Big SUV, six-cylinder and Wankel!

Japanese carmakers don’t have it easy on the old continent. At least Mazda does not intend to say goodbye to its operations in Europe, as it is preparing a number of new products. Mazda’s management has confirmed that it will introduce two new large models to the European market over the next two years CX-60 […]

Confirmed: Lancia Delta will return. It will arrive in 2026

The new Lancia Delta is developed according to the brand’s new strategy. It means pure (Italian) style and premium character. But also electric drive … Thanks to the merger of FCA with PSA, Lancia became part of the Stellantis Group, whose management gave it room to develop. In the future, Lancia will no longer offer […]

Foresight or regression? BMW continues to count on internal combustion engines

Audi and Mercedes-Benz have announced in recent weeks a gradual transition to a purely electric motor. This is not yet the case in BMW. Many recent statements by the management of various car companies show that the future of cars in the European market is at least exclusively marked by electric propulsion. In recent weeks […]