Foreign Countries that Accept Indian Driving Licence

Foreign Countries that Accept Indian Driving Licence

Hmm… going there and giving my hand without turning the steering wheel… This is a dialogue that most people say because there are less opportunities to take out driving skills if you go outside our country. Most countries don’t even know if an Indian license is useful, so if you’re traveling to the countries mentioned […]

British F35 fighter jet crashed over the Mediterranean Sea

Incident over the Mediterranean Sea: A British military fighter jet has crashed. The ejection seat saved the pilot. The cause was initially unclear. A British fighter jet of the ultra-modern type F-35B crashed during a routine flight over the Mediterranean, according to the London Ministry of Defense. The pilot was able to save himself in […]

The Disastrous Consumption of Americans

The USA wastes resources like hardly any other country on earth. And there is no end in sight. Why this is so – and why Germany is better than many people when it comes to climate protection. “You need a bag?” – this friendly question about a bag is not only standard at supermarket checkouts […]

New York faces shortage of police officers and rescuers

Up to 30 percent of New York police and fire officers could soon be at home – if they don’t get vaccinated. This can have dire consequences for the US metropolis. New York is facing a fire and police bottleneck, and soon. An ultimatum expires on Monday, according to which the rescue workers must be […]

▷ ZDF and ZDF / ARTE productions awarded at the New York Festivals

13.10.2021 – 15:06 ZDF – – Mainz (ots) Mehrere Produktionen des ZDF und von ZDF/ARTE wurden am Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2021, bei den New York Festivals ausgezeichnet. Mit einer Silver World Medal in der Kategorie Documentary wurde ZDF-Autorin Beate Frenkel für ihre “frontal”-Dokumentation “Die letzten Zeugen von Auschwitz – Mahner der Zukunft” bei den New […]

Women in Afghanistan: “We had a thousand dreams”

Many women have lived in fear since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. Despite statements to the contrary, the Islamists are massively curtailing women’s rights. But they encounter resistance. It is an almost threatening picture: a moped gang with signs and flags driving from place to place. A robbery, one might think. But these moped […]

Eight people killed in a plane crash in Italy

A small passenger plane crashed in northern Italy on Sunday, killing all eight people on board, Italian media reported. The plane took off from Milan Linate Airport when, according to eyewitnesses, its engine caught fire and it crashed, crashing into a building in Sandonato, Milan. The building caught fire, but it was renovated and no […]

Bolsonaro tested negative for Corona after returning from New York

/picture alliance, ASSOCIATED PRESS, Evan Vucci – Braslia After several corona cases in the vicinity of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, the head of state himself tested negative for the corona virus. Bolsonaro will resume his official business today, the government announced. The head of state, who has not been vaccinated against the corona virus, went […]

Unvaccinated Jair Bolsonaro eats pizza on sidewalk

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro is notorious as an opponent of corona measures, and according to his own information, he did not have himself vaccinated. It doesn’t make his stay in New York any easier. Presumably because of his missing corona vaccination, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro ate a pizza on the sidewalk on the sidelines of the […]