Index – Domestic – City dwellers moan over government-raised mayoral salaries

As reported in December we reported, the decision passed by the National Assembly, according to which the salaries of mayors have increased significantly, will take effect from 1 January. However, it did not allocate a central source to cover the wage increase, so the municipalities are forced to manage it from their own budgets. We […]

Index – Domestic – The National Trustee has sold another monument

It is not yet known who owned one of the jewels of Szeged, a listed European hotel in Klauzál Square, which was sold by the Hungarian National Property Manager. auction. The fact that the building, which currently functions as an office building, is still being auctioned wrote it last November, and it was already […]

Index – Domestic – A cyclist was waded to death on a highway

A truck waded to death a cyclist on the M43 motorway near Algyő, police said on their website on Friday. According to the announcement of the Csongrád-Csanád County Police Headquarters, a truck driving in the direction of Szeged swept away the “lost on the highway” cyclist, who lost his life in the accident. The side […]

Index – Domestic – The opposition has a new image

After a long time, he finally saw the light of day the opposition parties unified, common image. On Thursday, posts with the new pictorial world appeared one after another on the social media pages of opposition politicians. The visual design uses blue, turquoise and white, and “Let Hungary belong to all of us!” slogan is […]

Index – Domestic – György Gattyán’s program is ready

The program of György Gattyán’s party has been completed, it will be announced next week – he learned from his billionaire environment. As reported earlier by the Index reported, the billionaire is the president of the party registered as the Solution Movement, and the two founders of Teqball are the vice – presidents: Viktor Huszár […]

Index – Domestic – Sándor Petőfi also asked his wife Menyhért Lónyay

Menyhért Lónyay was born on January 6, 1822 in Nagylónya, Bereg County, in a Reformed, ancient noble family. His father became an all-powerful royal commissioner during the flood of Pest in 1838, and later became an internal secret counselor as a reward for his merits. His wife, Florenina Lónyay, presented it to six children, including […]

Index – Domestic – HÉV waded in Zugló

A HÉV ran over a man on Sunday afternoon in Budapest XIV. district, on Kerepesi út. Professional firefighters in the capital have been alerted to the technical rescue, the National Directorate General for Disaster Management said. Ambulances were also reported to have arrived at the scene. On the community side, MÁV announced that the H8 […]

Index – Domestic – Mint tobacco disappears from stores

The marketing of cigarettes and cigarette tobacco containing menthol and menthol-derived additives will soon be banned, World economy. A government decree on the production, placing on the market and control of tobacco products, combined warnings and detailed rules on the application of health fines has been amended in the Hungarian Gazette. The following paragraph is […]