Habeck aims to increase funding for rainforest conservation.

The Vice Chancellor praised the political will of the new Brazilian government to stop deforestation. He also addresses the skepticism about the Mercosur free trade agreement. Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck (Greens) has announced more financial aid from Germany to protect the rainforest. During a visit to a village in the Amazon rainforest near […]

Dresden builders resolve dispute with Habeck over energy crisis.

Dresden – Homeowners in Germany fear: Oil heating ban from next year? Compulsory renovations when your own four walls become an energy slingshot? Holger Schubert (41) from Dresden wants to do everything right – before Habeck’s restructuring hammer takes hold. But he becomes a boomerang for him! Because the Saxon monument protection does not play […]

Left boss Schirdewan denounces private jet flights

Hamburg-Sylt route flown 508 times in 2022 Left boss wants to curb private jet flights significantly Airport on Sylt dbo kno gyd sab, dpa, Daniel Bockwoldt March 12, 2023 at 10:13 p.m The party leader of the Left, Martin Schirdewan, is in favor of curbing climate-damaging flights with private jets. The Hamburg-Sylt route alone was […]

400 municipalities operate systematic climate protection

Over a third of the 1,101 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg have already drawn up an integrated climate protection concept. This emerges from the status report on municipal climate protection presented by the state energy agency KEA-BW. Climate protection and energy are currently high on the agenda of many cities and communities in Baden-Württemberg. Around 400 municipalities […]

Technology Transfer Center for Electromobility Würzburg-Schweinfurt gets going

First dissertations in the field of battery systems defended in Barcelona Am Technology Transfer Center for Electromobility (TTZ-EMO) at the Technical University of Würzburg-Schweinfurt (THWS) For the first time, two employees were able to do a cooperative doctorate at the Spanish Polytechnic University of Catalonia earn a PhD in battery systems. The scientific staff Dr. […]

Geothermal drilling as a building block for increased climate protection

AndNatural gas is becoming increasingly expensive, and owners of oil-fired heating systems are also complaining about the high prices. As a result, renewable energies are increasingly in the spotlight. For example, geothermal energy, also known as geothermal energy, can in many cases help heat the home. According to current knowledge, the temperature in the earth’s […]

How German industry stays competitive in the digital age

Construction, use and monetization of an industrial database In published November 24, 2022 Competence of the acatech Research Advisory Board Industry 4.0 investigate this Bow, head. See at RWTH Aachen and the Industry 4.0 Maturity Center the status quo and the current challenges of German industry in the economic use and exploitation of industrial data. […]

Church president Volker Jung for the speed limit

das President of the Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau (EKHN), Volker Jung, makes it a bit slower in the future. At the synod of the state church in Offenbach, he supported the demand made by the Evangelical Church in Germany for a speed limit on German roads. He also campaigned for a voluntary pledge […]

‘Latest generation’: climate activists pour oil on Klimt’s painting in Vienna

kClimate activists poured oil on a glass-protected painting by Gustav Klimt in the Leopold Museum in Vienna. The ‘Last Generation’ group, also active in Germany, posted a video on Twitter on Tuesday in which a member hurled the black liquid at the famous work ‘Death and Life’. One of the activists even put his hand […]