Europe invests in its own energy collapse ::

Frans Timermans. Photo: Thierry Monasse / Bloomberg Natural gas prices in Europe are breaking record after record. Britain is facing a shortage of energy supplies, evoking memories of discontent since the late 1970s. Chinese factories are closing due to lack of electricity, and the prospects are getting gloomier, writes Irina Slav in a comment for […]

Arcandra Tahar Opens Up Reasons for Rising Coal and Natural Gas Prices

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Former Deputy Minister of SOEs Arcandra Tahar uncover a number of reasons for the price coal and natural gas jumped sharply. This increase has caused the energy crisis in Europe to China in the last month. “The hope that the Covid-19 pandemic will be controlled in 2021 has raised the optimism […]

Gas rose by forty percent a day – ČT24 – Czech Television

On Tuesday, the price of the November contract rose by about twenty percent and for the first time exceeded one hundred euros. In just two days, the price of gas with delivery the following month increased by about sixty percent. “It’s just ridiculous,” said ICIS analyst Tom Marzec-Manser about the sharp rise in gas prices. […]

Why are gas and electricity so expensive in Europe?

Gas and electricity prices in Europe are rising rapidly, and the approaching winter is putting additional pressure in this situation. On the other hand, governments in individual countries are looking for options to reduce the negative effects of rising prices. The EUROACTIV platform examines in more detail what is happening in the energy market of […]

Gas has risen by ninety percent, Czechs are afraid of expensive winters

“We are monitoring the situation closely and we have prepared various reaction scenarios according to the development. This is partly due to the fact that due to higher gas consumption in the first quarter, we had to buy gas for customers at higher prices than in the past, while we did not change sales prices, […]

Nord Stream 2: Controversial Baltic Sea pipeline completed

Russia has completely relocated the Nord Stream 2 Baltic Sea pipeline to Germany – despite opposition from the USA. Ukraine now fears its role as a gas transit country. Does Moscow use the gas pipeline as a weapon? According to the Russian gas company Gazprom, the controversial Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 has been […]

Electricity and natural gas prices at highest level in more than t…

Electricity and natural gas are currently very expensive. Reason: the commodity boom and the peak in CO2 emission rights. The consumer threatens to face an expensive autumn. The price for electricity to be delivered within a year – a benchmark in the wholesale market – peaked this week at 72.63 euros/MWh. It is more than […]