Saxony focuses on improving early childhood education in kindergartens

Dresden (dpa/sn) – Saxony wants to improve the quality of early childhood education in kindergarten facilities. “If, on the one hand, we complain that it is becoming increasingly difficult to teach basic skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic in primary school, then we must not only look at primary schools, but also put day-care […]

“Left-wing Extremist Sentenced and Protests Ensue”

Left-wing extremist Lina E. is sentenced in Dresden. This led to protests not only there – there were also protests in Hamburg. Around 400 people protested in Hamburg on Wednesday evening against the sentencing of four suspected left-wing extremists in Dresden. The supporters of the left-wing scene gathered around 8 p.m. at the Rote Flora […]

“Expect Congested Autobahns During Pentecost 2023: Latest Auto-News on Tourist Traffic”

Auto-News Tourist traffic means full autobahns Congested Pentecost 2023 expected Stand: 23.05.2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes Over the Pentecost weekend there will be traffic jams on the motorways in many places in Germany Those: SP-X The coming Pentecost weekend is likely to ensure plenty of travel towards the coasts and mountains. Neighboring countries are […]

“The Remmo Family Jewelry Heist: Inside Germany’s Most Notorious Criminal Clan”

EPAThe boys in court today during the hearing of the case NOS News•today, 6:45 pm Charlotte Waaijers correspondent Central Europe Charlotte Waaijers correspondent Central Europe Think again about what you want from your family ties. With that message, the judge today addressed the boys in front of him, brothers and cousins ​​from the Remmo family. […]

“Berlin Remmo Clan Convicted for Green Vault Art Heist in Dresden”

Status: 05/16/2023 11:34 a.m The burglary in the Green Vault was one of the most spectacular art thefts in Germany: now the district court in Dresden has convicted five young men from the Berlin Remmo clan. The sixth defendant was acquitted. Three and a half years after the spectacular theft of jewels from the historic […]

Study Reveals the Most Polite and Impolite Cities in Germany: Bochum Takes the Top Spot

In which major German cities don’t you get bumped into on every street corner? Where in Germany do you only get snotty answers to polite questions or no answers at all? In which municipality is there still something like basic civil decency? The British market research consultancy Censuswide investigated these and other questions in order […]