Marketing all-rounder: in – Carl Nolte Technik GmbH

Worthwhile framework conditions Variety & responsibility in a great team Family-friendly working hours (7.45 a.m. – 4.30 p.m., Fri until 3 p.m.) Extras such as drinks, fresh fruit, sports offers, staff discounts, accident insurance with 24-hour coverage and much more. Exciting tasks Diverse projects: digital / web, event, print, … (B2B & B2C) Independent work […]

Altenburg – “coincidences” behind which God smiles

Gratitude is an important quality of Christian Haidinger, who served in public functions for many years. Now he has written down his memories. “There are many ‘coincidences’ in my life behind which God smiles, ‘coincidences’ that have shaped my life,” says the retired abbot. “I used the lockdown time to record a selection of them […]

This Hospital Uses E3D Software Technology, What’s the Advantage? – Mandaya Hospital is collaborating with Aryaguna Technology to implement E3D software technology. The software technology he developed has the ability to create 3D Print prototypes. This technology is the latest breakthrough in the health sector that will provide a clear and detailed picture with visual objects that match the actual situation. That way, […]

Flag Football – Second performance level calls for the Ozelots Stinatz

Celebrated promotion to the next higher league. Samuel Grandits, Peter Grandits, Jan Stipsits, Sascha Kranz, Sascha Ivancs, Jakob Horvatits, Lukas Sagmeister, Tobias Kirisits, Tobias Schmidt, Tim Grandits, Markus Hegedüs, Dragan Grabovac, George Marku, Sebastian Konrad, Mayor Andreas Grandits (standing from left), Sebastian Kirisits, Christoph Hegedüs, Petar Vrbek, Mathias Resetarits, Philipp Heitzer, Marco Six, Tobias Grandics […]

Startseite News | vivanty – Entertainment & Lifestyle

On this website we use technologies with which we can collect information about your usage behavior (tracking, targeting) and understand your purchasing behavior. This is how we recognize you when you visit the website again. We use the information collected to make your visit to the website more pleasant and to personalize it. Individualization means […]

Bad Großpertholz – community inherits 425,000 euros

A rain of money in a spectacular dimension for the small market town of Bad Großpertholz: A native of Pertholz with roots in Weikertschlag and her last residence in Vienna bequeathed half of her inheritance to her home town; 425,000 euros from the estate went into the community account. Maria Winkelbauer died in 2019. private, […]

Eisenstadt – Addict Radical on Facebook

“I still wonder why they build refugee homes. If Mauthausen is not empty anyway, they also have showers there ”: A 35-year-old man from Eisenstadt published this text in June 2020 on his publicly accessible Facebook profile. On Tuesday of this week, the man with seven previous convictions had to answer for this and another […]

Tennis – Before Lower Austria Open: Melzer throws net in New York

Philipp Kohlschreiber, Jaume Munar and Marco Ceccinato have named for the Challenger tournament starting on Saturday in Tulln. The trio is also involved in the world’s best-endowed tennis tournament ($ 57.5 million in total prize money for women and men). If one of them makes it into the second week of the tournament, he will […]

Los Angeles / March – “Impetus” celebrated its premiere

Before Benjamin Knöbl’s new short film “Impetus” is sent to film festivals all over the world, the big “Cast & Crew” premiere took place on Sunday in front of an enthusiastic audience in the Mattersburger Cineplex, to which representatives from politics and the church attended were loaded. The short film drama takes place in a […]

Jedenspeigen – film shows dreams of life on the March river

The demonstration and premiere in the Knights’ Hall of Jedenspeigen Castle ended with loud applause from around 80 invited guests from politics, “players from the region” and those involved. The film by Herbert Nowohradsky – producer, director and cameraman at the same time – illuminates in 75 minutes the important role the March, the border […]