DIVORCE OF THE CENTURY: Miss has more money than the queen!

After her career, Kirsty embarked on the career of a pop singer at the beginning of the millennium, but mainly married the Swiss businessman Ernest Bertarelli (56). This summer, however, they agreed on a divorce and paid her a total of 10.5 billion crowns as part of the settlement of her teeth! The beauty came […]

Goodbye, Brad! Is this Angelina Jolie’s new one?

Rumors of a romantic love story between Angelina Jolie and rapper The Weekend have not subsided, especially after the actress went out to dinner with him at the Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica. The 46-year-old actress and mother of six spent two and a half hours in the company of the Canadian hitmaker in […]

Indian man divorces his wife because he doesn’t want to take a bath every day

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Every couple must have their own reasons when deciding to divorce or separate. But a man from Uttar Pradesh, India divorced his wife because she didn’t want to take a bath every day. This ‘magic’ reason was revealed after the wife filed a complaint with the women’s protection agency. Quotes News18, […]

Entrepreneur Ilons Masks claims to be “partially divorced” from his partner

Entrepreneur Ilon Masks claims to be “partially divorced” from his partner, Canadian singer Clare Bush or “Grimes”, the BBC reports. The CEOs of SpaceX and Tesla told Page Six that although they “still love each other, they often see and treat each other great”, but the two have often had long careers. Claire Bush has […]

Babiš’s spokesman Adamcová is furious: 2 years of lies!

While even the sparrows on the roof are chirping that the marriage of Jiří Adamec (73) and his wife Jana (49) will not last forever, the director relatively recently claimed the exact opposite. He even stood up for the fact that together they still live in a house on Prague’s Hanspaulka. It wasn’t a happy […]

Trávníčková at an event with the Holy One: It is misunderstood, she was mistaken…

For this reason, when the Super.cz editorial staff asked her what her marriage looked like, she denied that her reflection on social networks would indicate unrelenting disagreements. “We are not really divorcing. That was misunderstood, “Monika assured Super.cz on Friday night. Pavel Trávníček gave up his participation in StarDance: Monika brought him back into the […]

LIVE Juve, goodbye to Ronaldo: Cristiano towards City | The direct

Accelerated due to the departure of Cristiano the day after the meeting between the Juventus managers and the prosecutor Mendes, in contact with Manchester to close the operation It is the decisive day. The one that could definitively sanction the closure of the relationship between Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo. The paths of the Lady and […]