Melania and Donald Trump divorce could be worth 42 million euros – Boiling

To “count the minutes” to leave the White House, Melania Trump is preparing to finally ask for a divorce and free herself once and for all from a facade wedding that has lasted for 15 years. The split could earn him around 42 million euros, according to lawyers’ forecasts. “Melania is counting down the minutes […]

He overcame my utrum, Hrušková is terrified of the past!

“My beloved Evička and I decided that we had to throw something away. And Evička made an appointment with one of her acquaintances, who gave us a menu. The pounds are down and it’s an incredible feeling. I’ll add some of my jackets. I’m glad Evina is in control. Obesity is not good, not only […]

Gott in Finland: RETURN TO TIM! Why did she annul the divorce?

“I decided to stop the divorce proceedings! I would like to re-establish a relationship with my husband. I say plainly that I still love him, “Dominika admitted from Finland, from which he will return to Prague in the coming days. Is he moving? She had not seen Tim since July, and her presence was necessary […]

Shock for Liška and Poláková fans: Did the actor marry another ?!

The actor commented on the film on the social network as follows: “Oh,” only now has it gone through! Yes, it happened during the holidays. And the boulevard spoiled it… ha! Yours, Pavel, not Liška, but Richter, a wanderer, good luck, “the actor joked with his followers. But many of them were really very confused. […]