Buying or renting a house – what is more worthwhile?

Buying or renting a house – which is better? Many people wish they could one day live in their own house. The monthly rent adds up to a handsome sum in the long run – couldn’t you use it to finance a house? Ultimately, the decision for or against owning a home is highly individual. […]

Japanese ex-princess to settle in New York “odnushka” – media

Фото: Getty Images Princess Mako Mako lost her status as a member of the imperial house due to her marriage to a commoner and is now preparing to move to the United States. The Japanese princess Mako, who lost her status after the wedding, and her husband, Japanese-American Kei Komuro, are planning to rent a […]

An apartment exploded in a Varna neighborhood, there are victims

An apartment in block 406 in Varna’s Vladislav Varnenchik district exploded late Saturday night. This is shared by Varna residents on social networks. According to eyewitnesses of the tragedy, the apartment was in entrance 7 on the first floor of the apartment building. According to initial information, it is an explosive boiler or gas cylinder. […]

Apartments, cars and influence on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The media published an investigation about Lavrov’s mistress

According to the authors of the material, Polyakova has significant influence in the Russian Foreign Ministry. She ran a ministry-related business. Her close acquaintances were appointed to several key posts in the department. So, Roman Sadulin became the deputy manager of the ministry. Like Polyakov, he was a co-owner of the Consul restaurant, located in […]

Huesca buildings look for a second chance

The old schools in Gerbe (Aínsa) were built in 1943 and when the classrooms were closed they were turned into a warehouse. Almost 80 years have passed and the old school, which also housed the town hall, will have a second chance. The exodus from the countryside to the city left it empty, but now […]