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Princess Kate Photo Controversy: Agencies Pull Image Over Suspicions of Tampering


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The world’s leading news agencies have pulled a photo of Princess Kate released by Kensington Palace on Sunday over suspicions that it had been tampered with. The news server BBC News informs about it. 42-year-old Kate is now under the media scrutiny due to her health condition after recent abdominal surgery.

Already photoswho is the first official since the operation, is the wife of the heir to the British throne Prince William on British Mother’s Day surrounded by her three children: Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte. “Thank you for your kind wishes and continued support over the past two months,” she wrote to her Kate on the X network.

World agencies also used the picture in their news coverage. But at least three of them later withdrew it.

The AP was the first to do so, saying it did not meet its photographic standards. “On closer inspection, it appears that the source manipulated the image,” the AP noted. She identified the position of Princess Charlotte’s left hand relative to the sleeve of her sweater as one of the irregularities.

Like AP, Reuters, AFP and Getty Images also took down the image. Kensington Palace has not commented.

Kate spent two weeks in hospital after abdominal surgery in January. The nature of the procedure was not specified, but according to Kensington Palace it was not cancer. The princess has not been seen in public since then, and the palace said she would probably not return to official duties until after Easter, in April at the earliest.

In recent weeks, there has been speculation on social media about the health of the princess, who has not appeared at official royal palace events since Christmas. Her office issued a statement earlier this month reiterating that it would only provide “significant updates” on her recovery.

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