The girl lost 60 kg, giving up her favorite food

To solve weight problems, doctors advised to change the diet: reduce the amount of sweets, snacks, and meat. A resident of London, Ellen Davis, who weighed 120 kilograms, lost half of her weight by eliminating several foods from her diet, writes the Mirror newspaper. The girl decided to lose weight when she did not find […]

Japan will sell ice cream with iron shavings

Photo: HYPEBEAST In Japan, dessert will be decorated with metal shavings The authors of the idea expect that the dessert will revive the tourist flow, which has decreased due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Japanese cities of Tsubame and Sanjo decided to attract tourists with the help of ice cream with iron shavings. On Sunday, […]

Fasting despite Corona: the best tips

When fasting – no matter – it is different. We decide for ourselves about what and how long, and we do it voluntarily and independently. “It is almost the opposite of the currently necessary privations. This way we can regain some self-control,” explains the psychologist. If we add pride because we have achieved our goal, […]

What is liquorice made of? – Overview of ingredients and production

Here you can find out what licorice is made of and how the candy is made. Ingredients, production and the history of liquorice at a glance. Photo: OllyDark / Licorice: Some love it and others grimace. The dark candy is simply a matter of taste. Find out what licorice is made of and how […]

Krajčo and Babinská: They started baking their genitals

There are no limits to creativity. Richard Krajčo and Karin Babinská could talk about this, who got carried away by baking and created Christmas gingerbread cookies, which would offend many Christmas candy lovers. However, not so much the style of decoration, but the shape. These two jokers bet on the genitals. Well, nothing, maybe they […]

Goodies according to the composer: We bake Janáček’s pancake cake

Hailing from Slovácko, he had trained as a confectioner, but after the war he had been driving a truck for 12 years. Vít Martinák (39) finally decided to return to his original profession and in 2013 opened a confectionery in the center of Brno. Quality raw materials “I wanted to do really good things, to […]