Samsung Will Eliminate Chargers and Earphones in Sales Boxes

Along with the launch of the Galaxy S21 trio in the Galaxy Unpacked 2021 event online, Samsung Electronics Indonesia also revealed when this phone will be available in Indonesia. “In Indonesia, session pre-order Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Ultra have started from today to January 27, 2021 via online, “said Product Manager of Samsung […]

The Belkin SOUNDFORM wireless headphones last up to 20 hours.

Belkin Proud that the product Belkin BOOST  CHARGE TrueFreedom Pro Wireless Charger Received an innovation award at CES 2021 INNOVATION AWARDS, and also released two of the latest products. In the SOUNDFORM line of audio and mobile charging devices, BOOST CHARGE adds a new feature to locate devices using Apple’s Find My Network and expand […]

This is the price list for iPhone 12 chargers in Indonesia, if purchased separately – Leave iPhone 12 finally officially entered Indonesia. Authorized distributor Apple in Indonesia, Erajaya Group opened sales of the iPhone 12 line on Friday (18/12/2020). iPhone 12 comes complete in four variants consisting of regular iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. As previously reported, the iPhone 12 […]

Minimalist form of iPhone packaging without charger and earphones

Jakarta – By reason of wanting to be more environmentally friendly, Apple decided to get rid of charger and the earphones that are usually always in the box iPhone. Now, both the iPhone 12 and the older generation iPhone that are still being marketed will be sold in a much more minimalist packaging. A video […]

iPhone 12 Sold Without Charger So Netizen Joke

Jakarta – Packing box iPhone 12 certainly Apple will not be equipped charger or earphones. Apple’s reason is because it wants the company to be more environmentally friendly, but many netizens have even made it a joke, in addition to scattered protests. Because they are no longer provided in the sales box, new iPhone users […]

iPhone 12 sold without charger and earphones, this is what Apple explains – Apple just launched its lineup iPhone 12 which consists of the iPhone 12 mini, the “regular” iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In accordance with the rumors circulating earlier, the iPhone 12 line was sold without being accompanied charger and earphone in the purchase package. IPhone 12 […]

Users often get this wrong when charging

Many users think that they are very familiar with batteries in electrical appliances. But many of these charging legends are simply wrong – or at least outdated. Failure to fully charge it hurts battery pack – But also plugging in and unplugging too often? Far from it, both supposed wisdoms belong in the realm of […]

The iPhone soon sold without charger?

Iphone soon sold without charger The “unpacking” of your new iPhone will undoubtedly be modified in the coming months. According to famous analyst Ming-chi Kuo, Apple plans to exclude not only the headphones from the new iPhone models, but also the charger. According to him, the intention of the American giant is to offset the […]

Comment | Apple will ship the iPhone 12 without accessories, other manufacturers should follow this example

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