Hyundai refutes speculation about the end of the development of internal combustion engines

Neither the end of hydrogen nor the end of the development of internal combustion engines. The South Korean carmaker has refuted further speculation. During the holidays, speculation arose around the Hyundai car manufacturer, which significantly contradicted the company’s behavior in recent years. According to one of the speculations, the carmaker allegedly ended the development of […]

The secrets of the new Yamaha Tracer 9 engine

The Yamaha Tracer 9 2021, like its predecessors, it is equipped with a forward-facing three-cylinder engine. It is a new unit, shared with the MT-09 2021, similar in some features to the one it replaces. We are referring, for example, to the chain-driven double overhead camshaft timing system with thin shoe tensioner; to the four […]

Too bad for responsibility for the MQB A0 platform: A ticket to more important tasks?

For the first time since the time of Škoda Favorit, the Mladá Boleslav carmaker was commissioned to develop the platform, but what does that actually mean? In mid-October, the carmaker Škoda Auto boasted of taking over responsibility for the Volkswagen Group’s global MQB-A0 platform, which was information that was provided not only by the motoring […]

Koenigsegg has a unique new, fastest-spinning production engine in the world

From idle to the limiter, the new engine spins in just 230 milliseconds. No wonder the carmaker calls it the fastest in the world. If something is characteristic of the Swedish carmaker Koenigsegg, then it is her effort to push the limits. Usually we talk mainly about the limits in the field of performance, aerodynamics, […]

For Windows 11 are not the previous generation and how to shake back

What is new is the fault of jin. This also applies to software, Windows 11 does not exclude. Let’s take a look at the changes that took place in Windows 11, but they might not be in love. 1.Opening a file location is not effective The integrated search function in Windows allows you to open […]

The future of Mazda in Europe officially: Big SUV, six-cylinder and Wankel!

Japanese carmakers don’t have it easy on the old continent. At least Mazda does not intend to say goodbye to its operations in Europe, as it is preparing a number of new products. Mazda’s management has confirmed that it will introduce two new large models to the European market over the next two years CX-60 […]

Unlock the new Genesis GV60 with your face and start it with your fingerprint

Genesis’ premium electric crossover relies on interesting technologies. Hyundai’s South Korean brand Genesis has recently been actively trying to make its mark among premium manufacturers – using all proven weapons. From the specific design, through the valuable cabin to the use of new technologies and technological toys, which customers in the premium segment usually hear […]