The US wants an iPhone charger that can be used by an Android phone

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Europe will not be alone in its steps to reduce e-waste. The reason is, the United States has recently followed in his footsteps to implement the use of standard chargers.

US Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders have sent a letter to Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo asking government agencies to prepare a one-device charger regulation that applies to all phones.

“The European Union is acting with charging ports,” the senators said, quoted from Engadget, Monday (20/6/2022).

And the US, he continued, should follow suit to reduce the environmental impact of chargers, while increasing user convenience.

Standard chargers would in theory reduce e-waste by allowing people to reuse existing cables and adapters for new devices.

It can also help consumers by saving their money from buying additional chargers.

Foto: USB-C (Pexels)

The senators did not specify USB-C as the standard charger they requested, although it is likely that device will be chosen.

Europe itself will enforce USB-C starting in 2024 as a standard charger port. The port technology is designed to accommodate all devices, from cellphones and earbuds to high-end laptops. USB-C will also provide fast charging and accessory support.

Critics and some companies have long been pushing vendors to standardize chargers.

Apple primarily claims universal chargers will undermine innovation by limiting potential technical progress, and will allegedly negate the reduction of e-waste by forcing many of the company’s users to replace their Lightning cables.

Device manufacturers like Apple may have little choice but to switch given the European moves and US standards will only strengthen that decision.

Previously, there were rumors that Apple would move to USB-C for the iPhone and iPad lineup in 2023.

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