Asus releases new worsting laptop for creators

Asus has launched two new worsting computers in the Proart series for demanding professional users. Proart Studiobook and Proart Studiobook Pro look the same on the outside and have the same 16-inch OLED screen with the third-generation OLED panel from Samsung. According to Asus, Samsung has developed technologies that will alleviate the risk of burns […]

HP launches its lightest consumer laptop ever

HP has launched the Pavilion Aer 13, a new extremely lightweight laptop for the consumer market, the lightest so far from the company. It weighs at most 0.99 kilos but can also be slightly lighter depending on which choice of processor and other things you do. The computer has a 13-inch screen with a 16:10 […]

Computer features and price

Xiaomi has become one of the main technology companies worldwide, which stands out for its hundreds of smart devices such as Mi Laptop Pro 15, a laptop with great capacity and power ideal to complement your day. My Laptop Pro 15 has a completely metal body and a fingerprint reader which provides greater security. It […]

The actor in Apple’s most famous ad moves to Intel laptops

Related news The Spanish market for laptops will be a battlefield this 2021. Apple has revolutionized the sector with the launch of its new MacBooks with an M1 processor, the first designed by the apple company itself. The performance of these new MacBooks has surprised everyone, especially considering that the ARM architecture they use has […]

we tested the Toshiba Canvio Gaming

Related news The launch of the new generation consoles in Spain, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, has aggravated a problem that was already worrying: the space occupied by modern video games. The new installments of titles like Call of Duty, Hitman, The Borderlands raised the controversy for the amount of free gigabytes […]

Senator Rabe: Around 200 million euros for digitization by 2023

Ties Rabe: “We want Hamburg’s pupils to use computers in all school subjects just as naturally as school books and workbooks. That is why we dramatically increased our efforts to expand digitization in the 371 state schools during the Corona period. The expansion is not easy because digitization affects all areas and many specialist companies […]

Microsoft Surface Book 3: analysis, price and specifications

Photo: Joanna Nelius Apart of for a couple of changes to the USB port, you may not notice the difference between Microsoft’s latest Surface Book and its previous versions. They look almost identical next to each other. Same keyboard layout. Same cchassis smell … The part of the screen it follows disconnectando from the base […]