Affordable AMD Ryzen 7000 Motherboards: BIOSTAR B650MT and B650MS2

Although the family of processors AMD Ryzen 7000 turned out to be very successful and offered a significant leap in performance, her debut is hardly successful. Both the CPU and the motherboards dedicated to them are much more expensive than Intel, and what’s more, the Reds still do not have processors below PLN 1,000. These […]

Dasung Paperlike Color: The World’s First Color E-Ink Monitor with 4096 Colors

Type displays e-ink they are nothing new. Their beginnings date back to 1970, and commercial solutions appeared as early as 1997. This technology is especially popular in e-readers for fans of books, comics and manga. Reason? E-ink resembles paper and does not strain the eyes as much as traditional LCD displays. The Dasung Paperlike Color […]

Intel NUC 13 Pro Review: Compact and Powerful Palm-Sized Computer

NUC, or rather “Next Unit of Computing”, are small computer sets launched by Intel in 2013. Most often, we are talking about barebone configurations – i.e. without RAM and disk, which are enclosed in a small housing 10 x 10 centimeters. However, there were also smaller and larger models. There are also whole ready-made sets […]

Genesis Nitro 550 G2: A Budget Gaming Chair with New Design and Improvements

Genesis is a brand founded in 2011 that specializes in equipment for players. We are talking about attractively priced mice, keyboards, speakers, headphones, microphones, housings and many other products. Most of them were warmly received by consumers and reviewers. Genesis Nitro 550 G2 is a budget gaming chair Today, the offer was extended gaming chairs. […]

“BIOSTAR B760NH-E: The Future of Console-Sized Gaming PCs Revealed”

Many people associate powerful computer sets with large and loud boxes. Nothing more wrong! In 2023, even workstations or gaming PCs could be console-sized. Of course, this requires some knowledge and proper matching of components. BIOSTAR B760NH-E should cost about PLN 700 For fans of small computers, motherboards in the format are provided Mini ITXITX […]