RISC-V processors: Fast core SiFive P650 and 15 new specifications

According to the developer SiFive, the Performance P650 is the most powerful processor core to date with the RISC-V instruction set architecture. In one to two years it could be used in Linux-compatible processors with up to 16 CPU cores, 16 MB L3 cache and numerous memory channels. Each core has a 64 KByte L1 […]

Intel’s first Age Lake CPUs have been officially launched

After months of speculation, drips and leaks, Intel’s 12th generation processors have finally seen the light of day. The generation is codenamed Alder Lake, and here it seems that Intel has finally put itself in the saddle to take up the fight against AMD to a far greater extent than they did with the 11th […]

Intel on new Alder Lake – “The world’s best gaming processor”

“The World’s Best Processor for Gaming.” This is how Intel describes the new i9-12900K, the top chip in the company’s Alder Lake family for desktops that was unveiled today. This is the twelfth generation in a crowd that is expected to include upwards of 60 different processors in more than 500 different computer builds, where […]

Impressive performance in Intel’s upcoming Alder Lake processors

Soon it will be time for Intel to launch its new processors in the Alder Lake series, but already now a number of measurement results have been published online. According to a measurement given by Tom’s Hardware The Core i9-12900K 16-core processor offers up to 38.6 percent higher performance than AMD’s equivalent of the Ryzen […]

The end of the chip crisis is in sight. It affects the prices of electronics and cars, but it’s not just covid – ČT24 – Czech Television

The electronics manufacturers themselves can design the chips, but the production is provided by the supplier company. Chips are formed in large quantities on semiconductor wafers that contain thousands of units. At present, the production technology of three nanometers is already used for the most modern chips. The whole process is therefore extremely sensitive. Not […]

AMD achieves 22.5% market share for x86 processors

Brand represents AMD’s second best and largest since 2007 If there’s anyone who should be happier that I paint in the trash this month, that someone is Lisa Su. And of course, the rest of the employees at AMD also. THE Mercury Research, a company that conducts market research on hardware, announced this week that […]

Intel makes most 3nm chip production orders for TSMC

Expectations are that TSMC will manufacture up to 10,000 wafers at the peak of demand A Intel made the biggest order of 3nm fabrication gives TSMC, informs the Chinese UDN vehicle. The manufacture of wafers, which will bring the chips next generation Intel, will start in the second quarter of 2022 at Fab 18b, located […]

Intel expands its share of the CPU market

Manufacturer is present on almost 3 of 4 CPUs on Steam, passing AMD The most recent Steam Hardware Survey shows that the Intel recovered the spaces it had lost to the AMD the last few months we CPUs gives Steam. After reaching 69.86% of PCs using processors Intel in May, now the manufacturer on the […]

Mediatek 4nm chips to be launched in 2022

I would be the first manufacturer to get them It has been rumored for a long time that Mediatek is about to launch a 4nm processor and this seems to be a reality very soon. In fact, it is the next challenge in technology, although it would not be the only one, since Qualcomm also […]