Forbes predicted the energy crisis in Europe

Photo: Aquilon Forbes predicted an energy crisis for Europe The rapid transition to clean energy sources threatens Europe with an energy catastrophe this winter, the newspaper writes. In Europe, the rapid transition to clean energy sources could lead to an energy crisis this winter. About it writes Forbes on Monday October 4th. The author of […]

Blinken commented on the possible disconnection of Russia from SWIFT / GORDON

“I don’t want to talk about any hypothetical steps that we can take in the future. I’ll say this: when it comes to containing aggression, or how to respond, we will consider any reasonable option,” said the head of the American diplomacy. According to him, the United States “determined “and will answer “if Russia continues […]

Taylor Swift releases re-recorded debut album full of surprises (videos)

The singer unveiled no less than 26 songs this Friday morning, including several unreleased. Thing promised, thing due: two months ago, Taylor Swift promised to re-record the second album of her career, “Fearless”. This Friday morning, it’s already done with “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”! Fans can therefore discover the 26 songs of the album, whether on […]

Russia can create an alternative to SWIFT

“Taking into account the rapid development of digital currencies and blockchain, it is obvious that the basis for international settlements can be formed on a completely new technological basis,” he said. He noted that the development of alternative SWIFT systems is “not only a response to the current geopolitical reality, but also a response to […]

drones to facilitate access to health care in remote areas

(Agence Ecofin) – In Kenya, people living in remote areas face a problem of access to essential health care. As a solution, the start-up Swift Lab offers drones capable of ensuring the delivery of medical supplies over several kilometers. Swift Lab is a logistics start-up that uses drones to deliver medical supplies to hard-to-reach areas […]

Taylor Swift’s generous donation to a student

Raising 40,000 pounds sterling (about $ 69,000) on the internet to pay for university studies: the goal set by a student in London seemed unattainable, but it was without counting on an unexpected donation from the American star Taylor Swift. Vitoria Mario presents herself on the fundraising page as “an 18-year-old black girl with a […]