In Syria, the US military base came under fire

Photo: US Army base in Syria shelled There are no casualties among the US military. The amount of material damage is established. In the Syrian border town of Al-Tanf, on Wednesday, October 20, a US military base was fired at by drones. informed TV channel CNN citing a source in the Pentagon. It is […]

What is graphene, this revolutionary material that scares antivaccines?

Ultra-resistant, ultra-stable and ultra-conductive, graphene promises to revolutionize the aerospace, energy and medical industries. But because of its novelty and its immense potential, this nanomaterial is also the object in the world of countless messages of disinformation from anti-vaccines. What is this “miracle” material? Often referred to as a “miracle material”, graphene is among the […]

How to recycle books and school supplies?

Recycling must always be the last option if we want to be more sustainable First of all, we must comply with the reduction and reuse rules We tell you several ways to extend the useful life of textbooks and school supplies and how to recycle them if there is no alternative Every year hundreds of […]

Police reported suspicion of attacking journalist under OP

Photo: TSN Attack on a journalist in Kiev The attackers’ apologies do not absolve them of responsibility, but the court may take into account remorse and material compensation for the costs of treating a journalist by the attackers. Kiev police reported suspicion to two persons who yesterday attacked a photojournalist for the Internet publication Bukva […]

Foreigner sent Ukrainian women to Greece for sexual exploitation

The suspect was detained accompanied by two female students The citizen of Armenia chose girls with a difficult financial situation and promised them “worthy” conditions and high salaries. Law enforcers detained an Armenian citizen who recruited Ukrainian women to provide sexual services in Greece. He promised a high salary – from $ 50 per hour […]

The intimate secrets of politicians buried deep by the generals in the NSO

DIMITAR DIMITROV This is part of an essay for the former heads of the Bulgarian special services. The idea was born after successive shifts of men who know the most important secrets of the state. In the previous article we told you about The 6 intelligence officers №1 – diplomacy, politics and a 10-year sentence […]

Greta Thunberg also went to war with the Chinese state media

Greta Thunberg After often engaging in verbal duels with all sorts of personalities in the name of her sacred goal, Greta Thunberg proved that even the power of the Chinese state media cannot shock her, a Sky News article quoted by claims. The climate activist tweeted a link to a story detailing the article […]

Wuppertal-based company makes courier bags from scraps of adhesive tape

May 22, 2021 at 3:00 p.m. economy : Wuppertal-based company makes courier bags from scraps of adhesive tape This is what the manufactured courier bags look like. Photo: Coroplast Kuriertaschen / SEBASTIAN KNOTH Coroplast Group starts an initiative to reuse product waste. esVlei mi beeLn sit ien erFag erd teevk: rPespi oW eid niene müll, […]

Scientists create method that converts plastic to fuel – News

Scientists from the Plastics Innovation Group at University of Delaware, in the United States, they created a method capable of transforming plastic, which is a derivative of petroleum, into other products also of fossil origin. You results of the experiment were published in the journal Science last Wednesday (21). Laboratory tests were able to convert […]