Swift: Versatile travel adapter for 150+ countries offers five USB ports and efficient GaN technology

Anyone who travels abroad a lot knows the problem with the different socket standards. There are plenty of travel adapters and they are cheap. If you want to supply several devices with electricity at the same time, you will quickly reach your limits.

At Kickstarter is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for the Swift Travel Adapter, which wants to remedy the situation. This is a 12-in-1 travel adapter that, in addition to a classic socket, also has five USB ports with up to 120 watts of power. Up to six devices can be supplied with electricity in this way.

The Swift 120W Type-C 3rd Gen. GaN 12-in-1 Travel Adapter is equipped with a total of four USB-C ports. Two of them can each emit up to 100 watts. There are also two more USB-C ports and one USB-A, each with up to 3.4 A. The total power that the power supply can generate is 120 W.

For this purpose, the manufacturer relies on GaN technology in the 75 x 52 x 59 mm compact travel adapter. This is particularly energy efficient. Thanks to plugs and sockets with American, British, European and Australian standards, the Swift Travel Adapter can be used in over 150 countries, according to the manufacturer.

The Swift 12-in-1 Travel Adapter is currently available at Kickstarter. The part starts there at the preferential price of around 55 euros. Deliveries are scheduled to start worldwide in July 2023. When buying, however, you should of course be aware of the usual risks associated with campaigns of this type on Kickstarter. However, the campaign has been successfully financed with currently over 145,000 euros.

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