UAE Customs requires passengers to report over 60,000 dirhams

Dubai: Customs officials have asked people arriving and returning to the UAE from abroad to report currency or valuables worth more than 60,000 dirhams. The advice is for those arriving and returning to the UAE from abroad. Warning for those who have currency, precious stones, metal etc. Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Ports […]

The passenger smokes in the plane and flies away | – News

Status: 09.01.2023 14:56 A 33-year-old passenger from Hamburg was thrown off the plane during a stopover because he smoked on the plane. He was not allowed to continue flying with his family and now he has to pay a fine. Shortly after the car took off in Hamburg, the man locked himself in the on-board […]

The scenic train stops operations tomorrow, wow, why?

Jakarta – The Panoramic Train makes a surprising announcement. This viral train will stop running from January 9th. Don’t panic, it turns out that the suspension of operations of the Panoramic Train is only temporary. This train will undergo an evaluation process. Public Relations of PT Kereta Api Tourism M Ilud Siregar explained, the scenic […]

The fast train from Burgas to Sofia derailed at the central station

The fast train from Burgas to Sofia derailed at the central station. The accident occurred at one of the arrows. The train passed through Poduyane station for the last time. 150 passengers traveled in the composition. There were no injuries. The train has pushed over an electric pole on which the catenary is held. “At […]