An outbreak breaks out in the hospital, the medical ward closed

BELLUNO – An outbreak breaks out at the Agordo hospital and fear returns. That of the first emergency in March when the entire structure was reorganized with 5 doctors in isolation with suspension of hospitalizations for Medicine, Long-Term Ward and Community Hospital, in addition to the outpatient activity of Medicine, surgical activity, surgery general. This […]

Prof. Dr. Uğur Şahin: I’m sure the vaccine will end the epidemic

It was announced that the corona virus vaccine developed together by BioNTech and US-based Pfizer achieved 90 percent success. Speaking to the Guardian newspaper published in England, Şahin stated that he was confident that the Covid-19 vaccine they developed would “crush the head of the virus” and put an end to the epidemic that captured […]

possible outbreak of “Italia’s Got Talent” –

Mara Maionchi was hospitalized after testing positive for Coronavirus. It wouldn’t be serious. The news was revealed by the TPI website, through Selvaggia Lucarelli. The journalist said that the popular record company, 79, is currently hospitalized in a well-known Milanese hospital and her condition does not seem to cause particular concern. According to the site, […]

which lower the R- value more

With a package of “lockdown-like” measures it is possible halve the reproduction index R in 4 weeks, which measures the transmission capacity of the virus. To say it is a study by the University of Edinburgh, Published on Lancet Infectious Diseases, which takes data from 131 countries. Public events The authors compared the various restrictive […]

Covid outbreak in La Madonnina di Treviso: find 9 positive people

The Veneto Region presented today, 20 October, the new Public Health Plan calibrated on the Coronavirus emergency. A floor divided into five alert thresholds characterized by a color: from green which is the lowest, to red which is the highest. And at this moment, the Veneto, looking at the data from the 8 o’clock bulletin […]

Covid-19, party among colleagues: doctors and nurses get infected in Sondalo

A dozen health professionals, including doctors and nurses, from the general medicine department of the Morelli hospital in Sondalo tested positive for the coronavirus after attending a party with colleagues about ten days ago. An outbreak in all respects born in one of the places where a hospital course should never “light up”, a place […]

Contagions and hospitals, the doctors’ alarm. Outbreaks in schools double

Double the double. The contagion is growing (also) in schools. In the last week there are 175 positive cases in Milan: there were 85 in the bulletin seven days ago, when the figure had already increased by another 50 percent compared to the previous week. Numbers that (for now) do not alarm the mayor Beppe […]

Outbreak in Mortara, 56 positive sisters – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MILAN, OCTOBER 13 – At the Pianzola di Mortara social center, in the Pavia area, – where the elderly nuns of the Pianzolino order and their elderly or disabled family members live – 56 of the 57 sisters present in the structure tested positive for Covid, one alone did not contract the virus, […]