DIHK survey continues to show major problems

Gastronomy in Berlin Naturally, the financial situation is tense, especially in the economic reports, which have long suffered from restrictions. (Photo: dpa) Berlin German companies are only slowly recovering from the consequences of the corona pandemic. Many are coping with the crisis, but 43 percent of companies still rate their own financing situation as problematic. […]

Xi Jinping puts economic success model at risk

Poster from President Xi Jinping Its course endangers the economy of the world’s second largest economy. (Photo: AFP) China has achieved what a communist state is generally not expected to do: high economic growth for decades. It was the introduction of market economy reforms under the then party leader Deng Xiaoping, especially in the 1990s, […]

Which regions come out of the crisis best

Bleak prospects? The coronavirus is also casting its shadow on economic growth. (Photo: Smetek) The letter V shows the optimists in the corona crisis. V is for Victory. And at the same time, the V describes the best possible economic development in the pandemic: The sharp economic slump in the second quarter of 2020 will […]

Do the northerners have to pay for the southerners?

Leon Podkaminer Leon Podkaminer is Research Associate at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies. (Photo: wiiw) Since the euro crisis, the term transfer union has become a horror scenario for the Germans and other countries in the north of Europe: the northern countries pay for the southern candidates. Your savers and investors are bleeding, […]

Family businesses are reluctant to use state aid

These are the results of representative surveys by the Family Businesses Foundation, which were collected by the Munich Ifo Institute for the Foundation’s annual monitor. For the study, which is available to the German Press Agency, 2,452 companies were surveyed from May to June. In October, 1,104 companies from this group took part in the […]

Dutch government threatens to stop state aid for KLM

The government wants to help the airline, which has got into financial difficulties due to the corona pandemic, with an aid package totaling 3.4 billion euros. Finance Minister Hoekstra linked the aid to drastic austerity measures at KLM. While the cabin and ground crew unions agreed to wage cuts until 2025 on Saturday, the pilots’ […]

Japan’s central bank is sticking to its loose monetary policy

In view of the persistently grave economic situation, the central bank decided to stick to its extremely relaxed monetary policy. With the BoJ’s decision, Japanese commercial banks can still get money from the central bank almost free of charge. Loans for business investments and for consumers should remain cheap. The third largest economy in the […]

EU reconstruction fund: A lot of money helps a lot

Summit on July 20, 2020 in Brussels The European heads of government agreed on the “European Recovery Fund” (ERF) on July 20th after one of the longest summits. (Photo: AP) Berlin The € 750 billion European reconstruction fund will give the poorer EU countries a boost in growth. This is the result of a study […]