“Central Bank Updates Regulations for Exchange Companies in Egypt”

Written by Ahmed Yacoub Sunday, May 14, 2023 05:19 PM In light of the requirements of the law central bank And the banking system promulgated by Law No. 194 of 2020, and believing in the important role of exchange companies complementing the role of the banking system, the Central Bank issued an update to the […]

Czech National Bank Warns of Phone Scam Fraudsters Posing as Employees

On Friday, the Czech National Bank (ČNB) warned on its website about phone calls in which fraudsters pretend to be employees of the central bank and try to extract sensitive information from their victims. At the same time, the bank published an authentic record of the communication between the fake banker and the person called, […]

“Dollar Price Maintains Stability in Egyptian Banks on Labor Day 2023”

dollar price.. The prices of the “American currency” the dollar maintained its value in the latest update of Egyptian banks today, Thursday, May 04, 2023, in conjunction with the employees’ holiday on the occasion of Labor Day. The price of the dollar in the central bank The stability of the dollar price in Egyptian banks […]

Neobanks and Challengers: The Future of Fintech in Ireland

Neobanks and challengers are leading the way for the future of fintech, leaving traditional banking institutions in the dust. With Ulster Bank out of the Irish market and KBC on the brink of leaving, new banks have an opportunity to grab customers with more flexible features and lower fees. Digital banks tend to have more […]