Education: pandemic affects students

Student Danny Schneider Danny Schneider, a student at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences, has not yet got to know the colorful life on campus. He attends online events from his room in his parents’ home. Photo: Swen Pförtner / dpa (Photo: dpa) Danny Schneider from the General Student Committee is also aware of the … Read more

Brent and WTI: Oil prices continue to rise

Oil production Brent is the most important type of oil for Europe. The WTI variety comes from the USA. (Photo: dpa) Singapore Oil prices rose moderately in early trading on Friday. In the morning, a barrel (159 liters) of North Sea Brent cost US $ 68.50. That was 41 cents more than on Thursday. The … Read more

Not all group subsidiaries come anymore

Difficult start for the new IAA in Munich Presentation of the new IAA concept last summer in Munich: The corona pandemic is already causing enough problems. Volkswagen is now also foregoing part of its corporate presentation. (Photo: dpa) Düsseldorf The Volkswagen Group will not be represented with all of its car brands at the new … Read more

Brazil calls on countries to dispense corona vaccine

Brazil is one of the countries most affected by the pandemic in the world. The largest and most populous country in Latin America surpassed 400,000 recorded deaths from Covid-19 on Thursday. Just over a month ago, Brazil passed the 300,000 corona death mark. Recently, the number of infected and deceased had decreased slightly. However, WHO … Read more

McDonald’s with a jump in profits – Chicken sandwiches are well received

McDonald’s-Schild in Pittsburgh Following the success of rivals such as Chick-fil-A and Popeyes, McDonald’s has also launched new chicken sandwiches, meeting the taste of US customers. (Photo: AP) Chicago McDonald’s did good business at the beginning of the year thanks to coveted new products in the US home market. In the first quarter, the profit … Read more