Companies face headwinds – Hong Kong IPOs more attractive

Peking, New York, Washington The Chinese regulators continue to put their tech companies under pressure. As the powerful cyberspace regulator Chinese Administration of Cyberspace (CAC) announced on Saturday, companies with data from more than one million users will be checked separately for their security before they are allowed to issue shares on a foreign stock […]

German financial regulator Bafin tackles the Bank of China

Bank of China building in Beijing At the German subsidiary of the Chinese state bank, the number of frictions with the financial supervisory authority has increased since a change in head at the end of 2017. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt, Düsseldorf A few years ago, the Frankfurt branch of the Bank of China was still very […]

Why the billion-dollar IPO in New York is risky

Transport agent Didi The IPO is the temporary culmination of the rapid development in recent years. It should be the largest IPO in the US since Alibaba in 2014. (Foto: Bloomberg) Peking At first glance, Cheng Wei doesn’t necessarily look like someone whose company has made it into a quasi-monopoly in driving services in the world’s […]

Chinese startup Dingdong is aiming for an IPO in New York

Driver from Dingdong in Shanghai The company plans to raise $ 357 million on its IPO. (Photo: Reuters) Bangalore The food delivery company from China, which is co-financed by the Japanese technology investor Softbank, is aiming for a valuation of more than six billion dollars when it goes public in New York. The company said […]

Nio, Aiways, Xiaopeng – China’s e-car manufacturers are conquering Europe

Elektro-SUV Aiways U5 State-of-the-art technology, but poor security values. (Foto: Aiways) Shanghai, Munich When Samuel Fu speaks of Europe, he raves about it. “The European market is booming compared to China,” says the co-founder of the Chinese automaker Aiways. The public charging infrastructure is better and growth is faster. While the subsidy policy is being scaled […]

Europe must not narrow its view to China and Russia

Europe In dealing with China and Russia on matters of democracy, the EU is still trying to achieve change through rapprochement. (Photo: dpa) No foreign policy strategy is so romantically glorified in Europe as the concept of promoting internal change in China and Russia through economic rapprochement. An innovative idea during the Cold War has […]

Astra-Zeneca vaccine only for people aged 60 and over

Astrazeneca’s corona vaccine is said to be according to a decision by the federal and state health ministers as a rule from Wednesday can only be used for people aged 60 and over. Under-60s from the priority groups 1 and 2 should be “According to the medical judgment and in the case of an individual […]

The largest container ports in the world in 2021

Düsseldorf Hamburg and Amsterdam are among the largest ports in Europe. In comparison to container ports in Asia, however, they are above all – small. This is shown by statistics from the German traffic newspaper (DVZ), which specializes in logistics issues. The 2020 figures were collected in March 2021. The handling volume of the respective […]

USA and EU announce cooperation on China and Russia

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (left) and EU foreign representative Josep Borrell The EU and the US want to work more closely together. (Photo: AFP) Washington The USA and the European Union said they have agreed a bilateral dialogue with China and a joint approach with Russia. In a joint statement following a meeting […]

That is behind the alliance of China’s opponents

Bangkok In the Himalayas, Chinese troops engage in deadly skirmishes with Indian soldiers. Confrontations between Japanese ships and China’s coast guard broke out off the Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea. At the same time, coal transport ships coming from Australia have been waiting off China for months, which are not allowed to dock […]