Car service withdraws from the New York Stock Exchange

Peking The Chinese transport service provider Didi (Didi Chuxing) wants to withdraw from the New York Stock Exchange. In a brief message on the Twitter-like social network Weibo, the company announced on Friday that it would take appropriate steps with immediate effect. Instead, Didi wants to start preparing for an IPO in Hong Kong. According […]

Red JCI, Weak Rupiah, Because of the Copyright Act?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s financial market today corrected. The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) and the rupiah exchange rate weakened. On Friday (11/26/2021) at 11:20 WIB, the JCI was at 6,603.63. Dropped 1.43% from the previous day’s closing position. Meanwhile in the spot market, the rupiah weakened against the United States (US) dollar. At […]

The US is apparently talking to Japan and China about tapping oil reserves

Oil production The US is apparently in talks about tapping oil reserves. (Photo: dpa) Washington According to Reuters information, the US government has spoken to important other countries about tapping parts of their respective oil reserves. Such a coordinated move would aim to push oil prices down and stimulate economic growth, said several people familiar […]

US Congress warns of “high risk for investors” in China

Joe Biden At the beginning of the week, the US President and the Chinese head of state met for a virtual meeting. (Photo: AP) Washington An important body of the US Congress is pushing for drastic measures against economic ties with China. In its annual report published on Wednesday, the bipartisan US-China Economic and Security […]

ECLAC warns that Latin America has the lowest investment rate in three decades ECLAC warns that Latin America has the lowest investment rate in three decades ECLAC warns that Latin America has the lowest investment rate in three decades SANTIAGO (Sputnik) – Latin America and the Caribbean has the lowest investment rate on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the last 30 years, said the … 10/19/2021, Sputnik […]

Zelensky guarantees Israel investment protection

Photo: Press Service of the President of Ukraine Zelensky invited Israeli companies to use Ukraine’s colossal potential The volume of direct Israeli investments in Ukraine does not meet the potential of the two countries, Volodymyr Zelenskyy believes. The Ukrainian authorities are expecting the arrival of investors from Israel. The protection of their funds is guaranteed, […]

Is a war between the great powers inevitable?

In 2034, the United States and China will be embroiled in a series of military conflicts that lead to the use of tactical nuclear weapons. Other countries – including Russia, Iran, and India – are drawn in. Suddenly the world is on the brink of World War III. This scenario is portrayed in “2034: A […]

Companies face headwinds – Hong Kong IPOs more attractive

Peking, New York, Washington The Chinese regulators continue to put their tech companies under pressure. As the powerful cyberspace regulator Chinese Administration of Cyberspace (CAC) announced on Saturday, companies with data from more than one million users will be checked separately for their security before they are allowed to issue shares on a foreign stock […]

German financial regulator Bafin tackles the Bank of China

Bank of China building in Beijing At the German subsidiary of the Chinese state bank, the number of frictions with the financial supervisory authority has increased since a change in head at the end of 2017. (Photo: Reuters) Frankfurt, Düsseldorf A few years ago, the Frankfurt branch of the Bank of China was still very […]

Why the billion-dollar IPO in New York is risky

Transport agent Didi The IPO is the temporary culmination of the rapid development in recent years. It should be the largest IPO in the US since Alibaba in 2014. (Foto: Bloomberg) Peking At first glance, Cheng Wei doesn’t necessarily look like someone whose company has made it into a quasi-monopoly in driving services in the world’s […]