North Korea and Turkey, tension awaiting Biden-

Donald Trump still refuses to admit electoral defeat, a reaction completely normal for the character, but very damaging to American democracy. With the start of the presidential transition, the United States is heading for a period of political dysfunction that is unprecedented in history. Who are America’s enemies who will do everything to take advantage […]

In serious condition Marco Santagata, writer and literary critic –

Marco Santagata, writer, literary critic and university professor, author of essays and novels, in serious condition in hospital in Pisa. Contrary to the news that had spread at first, the scholar was not dead but in an irreversible coma. He fell ill with Covid-19, with the virus grafted onto an already delicate clinical situation. – […]

had inspired the “Valentina” of comics –

She died on Sunday at the Polyclinic Hospital in Milan Luisa Mandelli, wife of Guido Crepax, the creator of «Valentina». Born on December 25, 1937 in Trieste, she would have turned 83 next Christmas. A few days ago she had been hit by Covid-19 and hospitalized at the Polyclinic with severe interstitial pneumonia. He leaves […]

Trump re-elected changes everything –

An election can be an adventure. Illusions and passion combine, you can fall for it. A re-election, a marriage. A thoughtful choice, a decision full of consequences, where the feeling is mixed with a project. This is the difference between the US presidential vote in 2016 and this one in 2020. If the United States […]

which lower the R- value more

With a package of “lockdown-like” measures it is possible halve the reproduction index R in 4 weeks, which measures the transmission capacity of the virus. To say it is a study by the University of Edinburgh, Published on Lancet Infectious Diseases, which takes data from 131 countries. – Public events The authors compared the various […]

Dead Enzo Mari, master of international (and social) design –

Only a few days ago at the Milan Triennale, what was supposed to be a tribute to one of the most important and innovative designers of the twentieth century was inaugurated: Enzo Mari curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist with Francesca Giacomelli. Enzo Mari, protagonist of this exhibition (which will remain open until April 18, Electa […]

Italy under the effect of a double analgesic

Vwe are under the effect of a double analgesic. But we don’t notice or pretend nothing has happened. Understandable in the face of the autumn onset of the virus. Public debt will grow by almost two hundred billion at the end of 2020. It was (partly) inevitable. These are numbers that we remove in normalcy, […]

Premio Nobel Letteratura a Louise Glück

The Academy of Sweden sweeps everyone away once again, awarding the 2020 Nobel Prize for Literature to an American poetess, professor at Yale, little known internationally: Louise Glück, born in New York in 1943 into a family of Jewish immigrants Hungarians, raised on Long Island. It is not the America of Don DeLillo or Cormac […]

Don’t panic and no unnecessary fights

Now the important thing not to lose your head, to speak little and clear, to identify simple rules and to enforce them; and above all to avoid the war of all against all, government and Regions, majority and opposition, Pd and 5 Stars. – In the most serious moments of our history, the moral strength […]