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During the last hours, a curious rumor began to circulate on social networks in relation to Nano Calderón and Felipe Camiroaga.

Since last night, various users began to spread a story that linked the son of Hernán Calderón Salinas with the February 2011 fire at the Chicureo del “Halcón” residence; a fact that monopolized the covers of newspapers of the time and whose authorship was never elucidated.

Citing an old Calderón tweet, there were not a few who directly related him to the incident. “Ma feli ke camiroaga with firefighters in xicureo xd “ (sic), was the message that triggered the rumor, which quickly went viral with other alleged antecedents.

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To support this conspiracy theory, Internet users added one of the chapters of the biography to the tweet Felipe Camioraga, The True Story by journalists Cristián Farías (editor of Glamorama) and Cecilia Gutiérrez, where they discuss details of the attack.

Through Glamorama, Farías referred to the origin of the rumor and, in turn, gave attached information to resolve it.

“The biography relates that, in the place of the fire, where the ‘Falcon of Chicureo’ and its closest ones were found when the flames had just been appeased, the following occurred:

‘Shortly after six in the morning, a man appeared who no one knew, but who parked his car inside the lot and approached them to talk. ‘Hello, I am a cooperative neighbor,’ he said. Camiroaga and his intimate group looked at each other in surprise, although then they continued with the removal of debris’Farías wrote.

After his presentation, the subject reappeared with bags of mineral water, cookies and cigarettes.

The stranger was trying to enter into a conversation with Felipe, but TVN’s afflicted face ignored his words because he had his thoughts elsewhere, trying to assimilate the great loss he had suffered“Adds the biography.

Following the report of Patrick Palominos, an expert from the Second Lampa Fire Company, the conclusion was one: the incident had been intentional.

“Traces of glass smelling of fuel and a jerrycan were found. And the main suspect is the mysterious man who identified himself as the son of a well-known artist and brought them cookies and cigarettes, although no one knew him. The police summoned him to testify, but the subject did not attend “, the book details.

“With all the background of the investigation in his hands, and knowing the name of the suspect with whom he had contact during the same morning of the incident, Felipe made his decision. He did not want to take legal action because he felt that it would be a process ‘too painful’ “he adds.

“’Plus I would have to go face to face with that guy,’ he said. And more than a year after the accident, the prosecutor Ulises Berríos -who took up the case after Macaya was transferred- decided to file the case “, point out Farías and Gutiérrez.

For the journalist, the relationship between Nano Calderón and the authorship of the fire is nothing more than a fantasy: “In this way, it should be noted that the suspect was never Nano Calderón Argandoña”, he assures.

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