Covid-19 stress, how to recognize and deal with it

When we are about to face an exam or a job interview, our “antennas” are ready to offer an immediate response, increasing the breath, the heartbeat, the responsiveness of the organism. This is the classic acute stress reaction. And it helps us overcome obstacles. But when the phenomenon continues over time and becomes chronic, it […]

the 2nd phase of the “Minore” project is underway

LECCE – Despite and beyond the health emergency from Covid-19, the activities of the project continue “Minor“Of the ASL of Lecce. The project is aimed at monitoring the health of the water table, the soil and the food matrix, with particular attention to potentially dangerous places, such as landfills. The Director of the Prevention Department, […]

Covid: Berlin police use fire hydrants against protesters – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BERLIN, NOVEMBER 18 – The Berlin police are using fire hydrants to disperse the demonstration underway in the German capital against anti-Covid measures. Thousands of people are gathered in front of the Brandenburg Gate area and in the vicinity of the Bundestag, where the health protection law is currently being discussed, which should […]

Alzheimer’s disease, how important is the “gut-brain” axis

They call it the “gut-brain” axis. IS an invisible thread which links what happens in the digestive tract, with a population of bacteria that exceeds that of human cells themselves, with the nervous system. Called into play as a possible element in the genesis of pictures such as depression or anxiety, now the microbiota could […]

what it is, how to use it and why to buy it during a health emergency

In this period of sanitary emergency there are many symptoms to watch out for, even if they are not directly related to Coronavirus. Reason why you need to have a thermometer at hand at home, or thermoscaner, it’s a oximeter (or pulse oximeter, oximeter or pulse oximeter), as recommended by the Italian Society of Pulmonology […]

Milan, the free service for non-covid patients: Medicina Solidale is born

A free medical consultation service dedicated to non-covid patients. Solidarity Medicine is the project born in recent days and coordinated by Alessandro Lanzani, a specialist in orthopedics and sports medicine. “Solidarity medicine online – reads the Facebook page dedicated – is an online medical consultancy service open free of charge to all those who need […]

Brittle bones? Here’s what to do to control osteoporosis

Almost five million Italians over 60 deal with bone fragility and are at risk of fragility fractures. But prevention can go a long way in reducing the risk of fractures after minimal trauma, which can primarily affect long bones and vertebrae. It is necessary to pay attention to nutrition (from an early age) to move […]

“I’ll explain why wearing masks outdoors can hurt”

The anti coronavirus measures decided by the Conte government continue to be discussed, not only on the political level but also on the health one. This is the case, for example, of the obligation to wear masks outdoors. According to an illustrious public health doctor such as Alberto Donzelli, specialist in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine […]

Pulse oximeter: what is it for and what are the reference values

The oximeter is an instrument that, until a few months ago, few people knew. Unfortunately, however, theCOVID 19 health emergency brought this little device to everyone’s attention. Let’s see together what exactly it is, when and to whom it is needed, how it is used and what are the correct values ​​to keep as a […]

For a medicine that takes women into account – Claudia Torrisi

November 11, 2020 1:01 PM In the early 1990s Bernardine Healy, a cardiologist, director of the National Institute of Health in the United States, realized that more errors were made in diagnosing a heart attack if the patient was a woman, which also led to incorrect or incorrect treatment. resolutive. He wrote to us an […]