Don’t panic and no unnecessary fights

Now the important thing not to lose your head, to speak little and clear, to identify simple rules and to enforce them; and above all to avoid the war of all against all, government and Regions, majority and opposition, Pd and 5 Stars.

In the most serious moments of our history, the moral strength and resistance of the Italians have often had to make up for the inadequacy of the ruling classes. happened during the two world wars; less in the Reconstruction, when the efforts of our fathers were supported by a political generation who knew how to unite to write the Constitution and then, in its Catholic and liberal part, make the Atlantic choice and withstand the brunt of the Cold War.

Also what we are experiencing a hairpin in history. Yesterday’s numbers confirm that the second wave is coming. It also affects Regions with a fragile health system, which the first wave had spared. There are two crises to be stemmed, closely linked: health and economic. It is a question of finding rules of conduct that avoid overloading hospitals and intensive care units, without further depressing consumption and consequently production and work.

Not simple. But some things we have learned. The virus will be less lethal, but by no means clinically dead; rather. The masks are used: indoors and also in case of gatherings outdoors. Rapid tests are necessary if we are to keep schools open. Tracing contacts remains essential, but also securing – for example in hotels unfortunately empty of foreign tourists – people who are positive for the virus who do not need to be hospitalized, but cannot even stay at home at the risk of infecting family members.

Above all, it is necessary to build a climate of collaboration. Virologists already quarrel constantly, on TV and on Twitter. Ministers and administrators should just spare us the same spectacle. The regional vote has rewarded continuity: from Campania and Puglia on the right, De Luca and Emiliano voted; left-wing Venetians and Ligurians voted for Zaia and Toti; the voters asked for experience and protection. This applies to the opposition, which should reject the temptation to underestimate the alarm and cry out to liberticide for a mask. And it is true for the government, which would be wrong to confuse the general consent of the polls (especially for the premier) in a blank license to decree every detail for four months.

The Italians, with the usual exceptions, have shown maturity and a sense of responsibility. We deserve to be treated like an adult people. Don’t panic, and no needless fights. If this time the political class will live up to doctors, nurses, police, workers, teachers and all the Italians – and even more so the Italians – who have kept the country alive and restarted, then the spirit of 2020 will survive. even in an autumn that promises to be very hard.

7 October 2020 (change October 7, 2020 | 22:10)



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