who will preside over the next Angoulême comic festival?

PORTRAITS – The winner will be known on the evening of Wednesday 25 January, on the occasion of the official opening of the Festival. Who will be successful Julie Doucet for the Grand Prix of the Angoulême festival 2023? The community of professional comics writers and authors spoke out in favor of Catherine Meurisse, Riad […]

Isla Elefante editorial seeks to offer readers poetry books of “high quality”.

Home / Merida / Isla Elefante editorial seeks to offer readers poetry books of “high quality”. The new publishing house will have national distribution thanks to UDL Libros, was born in Mérida and will be directed by the writer Ben Clark. December 12, 2022 🇧🇷 Posted : 15:24 (12/12/2022) | Updated: 16:50 (12/12/2022)

Bali bomb maker released early

ANP extension ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 18:26•Edited today, 19:19 A 55-year-old man partly responsible for the 2002 Bali bombings has been released on parole in Indonesia. 202 people were killed in the terrorist attacks on two clubs in the popular entertainment district of Kuta. Among them were 88 Australians and four Dutch. After nine years on the run, […]

the rich official selection of the fiftieth anniversary

The Official Selection of this decidedly forward-thinking edition offers, once again, a broad and rich palette of albums from independent publishers. Alison Bechdel / Denoël Graphic / Neyef / Rue de Sèvres. Allary/Riad Sattouf The event dedicated to the ninth art has unveiled the 46 competing albums from its 50And edition, which will be held […]

Philippe Maneuver launches the Golden Elvis for the best rock comic!

Par Olivier Delcroix Published on 03/19/2022 at 17:56, Update on 03/19/2022 at 18:44 Hervé Desinge, Philippe Manoeuvre, Laetitia Coryn and Tanino Liberatore have elected the Golden Elvis for the best rock comic of the year: 😎 parano by Benoît Cardonnel, published by Also not bad. © Marie Decreme MAINTENANCE – Taking advantage of the Charente […]

‘Jair Bolsonaro is the worst person for Brazil’

Par Olivier Delcroix Published on 03/28/2022 at 10:13, Update on 03/28/2022 at 12:48 Brazilian cartoonist Marcello Quintanilha won the award for best comic album at the Angoulême festival with Listen beautiful Márcia (Editions Here and There). © Antoine Guibert for the FIBD: 9eArt+/Çà et Là editions. INTERVIEW – The author ofListen beautiful Márcia, Award for […]

Bandung City Middle School Alleged Bullyer Secured by Ujungberung Police

PRFMNEWS – Police have declared a suspect author bullying against a student in both SMP from UjungberungThe city of Bandung has been secured. Kapolsek Ujungberung Kompol D Karyaman said, at this moment he was under suspicion author one person, but don’t rule out there author Other. Because the police also summoned five people testimony for […]

Destructive ending! – Mehmet Demirkol

Galatasaray punished Farioli’s arrogant passing play from the start of the match. They spread well with many men, exerting gradual pressure from the first meter at the expense of running out of energy reserves from the first half. When Alanya wanted to play long in the middle of his own half from time to time, […]