NEW YORK — A dangerous bird stalks a community on Long Island as police say a local red-tailed hawk has attacked at least 17 people since 2020 alone, and those who live in the area say the problem is only getting worse. . One of those attacked, Eric Preis, told our sister network News 4 […]

Jastraban z Ulice: Changes in the script due to cancer

It’s in the series Jastraban from the very beginning and it could be said that the character of Bedřich is such an “alter ego” that has accompanied him for an incredible 15 years. That’s why Adrian can afford to “chat” in the script. The favorite actor didn’t want to dramatize his character even more, so […]

With a mistake from Entre Ríos Ezequiel Unsain, Arsenal defeated Defense and Justice

Arsenal beat Defense and Justice 1 to 0 at Tito Tomaghello for the interzonal on Date 11 of the Professional League Cup. Both teams came from long trips to Bolivia and Ecuador for their presentations in the Copa Sudamericana and Libertadores, respectively. The local goalkeeper, Luis Ezequiel Unsain, from Entre Ríos, converted against his own […]

New plasma air filter: thunderstorms against corona viruses | – news

Status: December 17th, 2020 9:23 p.m. An air filter that has been proven to be able to eliminate 99 percent of the corona viruses from the room air? Is there. A company from the Göttingen area has developed a new type of plasma circulating air filter. by Marco Schulze From the outside they look like […]