At least one killed and three injured in Bordeaux shooting in France

2021-01-03 20:08 source:China News Network Original title: At least one dead and three injured in the shooting in Bordeaux, France, were all teenagers China News Service, Paris, January 3 – A shooting incident occurred late at night on the 2nd local time in Bordeaux, a city in southwestern France. At least one person has been […]

“U.S. authorities investigate suspects in Nashville explosion”

US investigative authorities are investigating a suspect in an explosion in Nashville, Tennessee yesterday (26th local time), the Associated Press reported. According to the AP, two law enforcement officials said yesterday that federal investigators had identified a suspect related to the Nashville explosion and were searching homes related to the person. In this regard, Federal […]

Carentan. A suspect arrested for a building fire

The fire broke out around 5 a.m. on Saturday, October 31, in an apartment, located on the first floor, of a building in rue de Tilloloy, in Carentan (Some). The firefighters had evacuated a person holed up in his accommodation, three people were hospitalized. The fire did not cause any injuries, but destroyed the apartment […]

The head physician of the Amur dermatovenous dispensary named the main symptoms of COVID-19

The chief physician of the regional dermatovenerologic dispensary, Alexander Platonov, advises to suspect any cold a priori for coronavirus. He explained in what cases it is necessary to urgently call a doctor. The general symptoms of coronavirus are very similar to common viral colds. This often leads to late visits and advanced morbidity, says Platonov. […]

Viennese shooting suspect ISIS sympathizers, 4 civilians killed – domestic Minister Austria Karl Nehammer said, the total number of people who died as a result shooting of Fault a total of five people. The five people consisted of four civilians and one suspect the shooting took place on Monday (2/11/2020) evening local time. This was conveyed by Nehammer in a press conference […]

Suspect of Murder in the French Church: 21 Year Old Tunisian Man Page all

PARIS, – The 21-year-old Tunisian man who just arrived in Europe became suspect perpetrator in murder 3 people in church France on Thursday (29/10/2020). He entered Europe via the Italian island of Lampedusa from Tunisia aboard a migrant ship in September, according to reports BBC on Friday (30/10/2020). A police source said that a […]