Lordiana raises controversy with a new dance compass from her latest appearance in exposed red

The Brazilian dancer, Lourdiana, published to her fans a new photo from her most recent appearance, through her personal account on the photo and video sharing site Instagram.

Lordiana caught attention with a bold look, wearing a short, fiery red dress, left her black hair loose on her shoulders, and adopted soft makeup that highlighted her beauty, and followers’ comments were flooded with her.

On the other hand, Brazilian dancer Lourdiana revealed for the first time the secrets of her personal life, and said that she had been in Egypt for years, confirming that she came to Egypt because it is the right place for belly dancing and that she studied. Belly dancing and other types of dance in Brazil, and Egypt was the first country to start professional dancing. .

She continued, in media statements, saying: “I was in Brazil, and a friend told me that they needed a dancer in Sharm El-Sheikh, Cairo, and on that basis I started from here.”

2023-11-23 13:26:48

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