Look .. the screams and moans of the artist Ilham Shaheen in the most explosive and violent scene with Karim Abdel Aziz and the director did not stop shooting and let the fun continue until the end! (Watch the video)

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Tuesday 11 October 2022 00:17 – Art channels on the popular video platform “YouTube” have re-released scenes from the film “Junnah Al-Hayat”, produced in 2000, and one of the most important scenes that are been put into circulation is the scene of marital infidelity that brought together the artist Ilham Shaheen and the artist Karim Abdel Aziz. The scene has been criticized for its audacity and the culture it brings to viewers, in which the wife cheats on her husband when she finds out he is cheating on her with another woman, and some critics have claimed that this scene carries an indirect message that incites wives to take revenge in the same way as their husbands.

The film “Madness of Life” is considered to be one of the most daring Egyptian films, as it contained many daring and indecent scenes, in which the artist Ilham Shaheen embodied the role of Sana, Wassim’s wife, played by the actor “Mahmoud Kabil” , while Karim Abdel Aziz played the role of the driver. Magdi “.

Ilham Shaheen appeared in more than one scene, half naked and in daring situations with her private driver, “Magdy”, who decided to have a sexual relationship with him and take revenge on her husband after discovering that her lover was cheating on her. , Safi.

In one of the controversial scenes, Ilham Shaheen appeared in the entrance to her home, where Karim Abdel Aziz entered her, assaulted her, kissed and hugged her in a warm and bold way, which made many interested people think about the location. of the director and photographers towards those moans, which undoubtedly arouse the feelings and desire of all those who listen to them, and then what about those who were with them in the same room !?

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History of the movie Mad Life

Elham Shaheen played the role of a woman who discovers the betrayal of her husband “Mahmoud Kabil” in the movie Crazy Life.

And the film “Junn Al-Hayat” directed by Saeed Marzouk, the story of Ismail Wali Al-Din, the script and dialogues by Mustafa Muharram.

Crisis of the Mad Life movie with censorship

The Crazy Life movie faced censorship objections and was banned from screening because it offends public morals and contains indecent scenes, and the Crazy of Life movie is still banned from public and television viewing to this day.

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