Look .. Fifi Abdo appears in a see-through dress that clearly reveals everything underneath, as if she’s not wearing anything!

You are now following the news of Fifi Abdo, who appears in a sheer dress that clearly reveals everything underneath, as if she’s not wearing anything! And now with the details

Riyadh – Ruwayda Bin Abbas – Egyptian dancer, Fifi Abdo, congratulated her followers on Christmas and Christmas, with a controversial look.


Fifi Abdo posted a video on her Instagram account, wearing a white fur dressing gown.

Fifi said in the video: “The truth is that I died 3 days ago and the weather was very cold. I was making a declaration of my love and the world was very cold. I spent 25 hours filming the commercial, the truth is that difficult day for me “.

“I’m so envious

And he continued: “I wore a blanket, in the name of God, God willing, a blanket for real. And walking in the snow taking pictures in Moscow, Russia, isn’t it?

And he added: “We went on snow in Alexandria, how long have we been walking around like this, what is this snow ?! We were genuinely envious, Five Moahs.

Fifi commented on the video: “Good morning from Egypt, mother of the world, every year and you are well”.

Municipal cake dance

A few weeks ago, the Egyptian dancer sparked controversy for her behavior on the red carpet of the 43rd Cairo Film Festival.

Fifi appeared in a video she posted by herself via the “Al-Asturi” feature on Instagram, standing in front of the cameras in a black dress with sleeves and a fur coat.

Suddenly, Fifi lifts her coat and dances with it in front of the cameras with a strange movement, then smiles at the reporters.

The dance spread to the notes of the song “Helicopter Helicopter” by the Bosnian artist Vaslija.

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