Kuwaiti Daily Newspaper | The early universe without metals

An American observatory said that the first stars in the universe were significantly different from the Sun and similar stars, because they did not contain metals.

The press service of the American “Noire Lab” observatory said in a statement released yesterday by Sputnik that the minerals were formed only during the thermonuclear fusion and, after the explosions of the first stars, they became part of future generations.

Stars without heavy elements can be of any size, so the oldest bright stars can be hundreds of times heavier than the Sun.

However, these stars did not live long and ended their existence as the most powerful unstable binary supernova.

Yozuru Yoshi of the Tokyo University Astronomical Institute and his colleagues discovered traces of a supernova explosion located in quasar J1342 + 0928, which is 13 billion light years from Earth.

The researchers were also interested in the presence of iron, magnesium and other atoms during the explosion.

Scientists concluded that it was practically absent in the early universe, as it largely appeared only in the stars of the third group (the first generation after the Big Bang).

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