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Lifestyles Studios Chairman Fahd Al-Zahid: The Visionary Leader Behind the Success of the Modern Arabic Song

Beirut – Salwa Yassin – Follow impartially: Since its founding 15 years ago, Lifestyles Studios, under the leadership of its Chairman of the Board of Directors, businessman Fahd Al-Zahid, has sought to provide sophisticated and distinguished artistic content, through various artistic works that break the prevailing stereotype in the world of Arabic song, and through which it supports Arab singing talents and presents them in their best guise to the public.

Over these years, Lifestyles Studios has succeeded in satisfying the Arab audience, providing releases that satisfy all tastes, through which it enriched the artistic community with the most beautiful musical works, and gained the admiration of the audience, making it the favorite of a large segment of art and music lovers.

“Lifestyles Studios” company cooperated in its artistic productions with more than 100 artists, including stars, poets, composers, distributors, and directors. With each new work it presented, it was able to present various life topics, but with a different vision and from a new angle. Success was its first ally and companion on the path of coloring with the most beautiful and brightest voices. .

Today, “Lifestyles Studios” concludes the year 2023 with many successes and achievements, which exceeded 51 songs released as video clips over the course of 12 months of continuous planning and diligent work to provide the best.

The result was artistic works in more than one Arabic dialect, and diverse singing styles between rhythmic, romantic, dramatic and popular, all of which succeeded in securing an important position in artistic leadership and which the company added to its music library, whose number of views exceeded 820 million views on YouTube.

Behind the countless successes of “Lifestyles Studios” is the amazing artistic vision of its owner, Fahd Al Zahid. The veteran businessman loves musical art and strives with all his capabilities and efforts to develop the Arabic song while preserving its elegance to imitate the youth audience. He deserved the title of the Godfather of the Modern Arabic Song, and with his efforts it has become “Lifestyles Studios” is a famous artistic name known for its seriousness and determination to raise the Arabic song to a high level, regardless of its dialect.

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