Everyone who watched her went crazy. Watch Model Rose revealing her underwear with the strongest seduction scene in the universe

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – The Saudi model, Model Rose, aroused the discontent of followers on social media, after she appeared in a bold look that revealed her underwear.

Model Rose, in a video she posted on her personal account on the Snapchat application, reviewed her look, in which she appeared in very strange and bold clothes, which caused a severe attack on her.

Model Rose wore a corset and black pants, tight and provocatively open from the top, as some observers considered that it showed unwanted details of Rose’s body, as if she was not wearing underwear either.

This is not the first time that Model Rose has raised controversy with her scandalous looks, as she always appears in tight, short and daring dresses at the same time.

The attack on Model Rose was severe because of her appearance, so the comments came: “Clear nudity, she has no content.” “Is there nothing left to do except wear a bikini and let God guide her?”, “Cheaper than that? There is nothing”, “Cheap show”, “What does it cover”, “Where do you want to find the problem? All those who take it as teenage role models”, “The worst thing is imitation.

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