A famous Snapchat in Saudi Arabia shakes the internet with a sexy belly dance and shows her body in front of the camera in a scandalous and seductive way.. Watch

Beirut – Thuraya Shaheen – The Saudi social media star, Model Ash, published a video clip of her through her account on the social networking site, in which she appeared in an exciting dance to the tune of a Gulf song.

Followers expressed this way of Ash, as she appeared to make suggestive and bold movements, while she was wearing a very narrow skirt, and a revealing top that fully revealed the chest area, and Ash seemed as if she intended to show her breasts in front of the camera so that the audience could see it.

As usual, Ash had shared with the public a picture that caused confusion on her own page.

So, Ash showed off her chest in the picture, as she wore an orange top attached to the side of the chest, with black pants, and her hair appeared to be loose.

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