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Watch .. Leader Adel Imam’s hottest hot scene with Suhair Ramzy and it made her scream hysterically in the bedroom, and the director couldn’t stop it and the acting became reality .. Watch

Basil Al-Najjar – Cairo – Wednesday 12 October 2022 22:45 – The art channels of the famous video site “YouTube” re-released a hot scene from the film “The Night of the Wedding”, produced in 1975, and it was banned from the projection because of the daring scenes it contained. The most daring of which was the scene of Suhair Ramzy, who played the role of “Mona”, and Adel Imam, who played the role of “Tahseen”, where Suhair Ramzy appeared, stripping Adel Imam of her clothes and following him into the mansion where he lives until she threw him on the bed and climbed on him.In the scene of Khadesh, which at the time was described as the hottest scene in the history of Egyptian cinema,

Although the artist Adel Imam met the artist Suhair Ramzy in many works of art, this scene remained firmly in the minds of the viewers, because at that time it was considered an alien scene in Egyptian cinema and in Arab cinema in general.

Film prohibited on the wedding night

Forbidden on the Night of the Dakhla is an Egyptian comedy written by Farouk Sabry, produced in 1975, starring Adel Imam, Suheir Ramzy, Mohamed Reda and Nabila El-Sayed, and directed by Hassan El-Saifi.

summary of the film

Zarifa opposes the marriage of her daughter (Mona) to (Tahseen) because she wants her daughter to marry a rich man, unlike her father (Ashour) who blesses the marriage. Zarifa dies and Ashour agrees with (Mona) a date for their wedding. Zarifa’s spirit appears and threatens them not to consummate the marriage. Confused, they go to one of the necromancers who advises them to appear another character that Zarefa was afraid of in order to get rid of her, so Ashour chooses her mother, so that many comic paradoxes occur between them.

Films collected by Adel Imam and Suhair Ramzy

There are many films and works of art that brought together the leader Adel Imam and the star Suhair Ramzy, we remind you in the following lines the most important of them:

▪︎ Film 24 hours of love

The film revolves around Samir, Ahmed and Sharif, the naval officers returning to their homes and wives on vacation for just 24 hours after a 6-month absence at sea. comic paradoxes, It becomes clear to the wives that their belief is wrong, and reconciliation and forgiveness are made, and then the ship’s captain decides to grant the husbands a new 24-hour leave.

▪︎ Filming so that the smoke does not fly

It revolves around Kamal, Medhat and Raouf’s refusal to lend their friend Fahmy Abdel Hamid the money he needs to perform surgery for his dying mother, so he decides to take revenge on them. He finishes his studies and makes a big fortune in shady ways.

Fahmy succeeds in the election and causes his influence to disrupt Midhat’s fruit deal, so he has to sell it at a low price so it doesn’t get ruined.

He approaches Fahmy, who encourages her to file for divorce so that they get married, but he refuses to marry her and says that what he told her is simply useless and that he doesn’t want to marry her, and so he gets his revenge on her when she refused to marry him earlier due to his poverty. On her wedding night, her old neighbor, a Sunni, dies of illness.

▪︎ The film Sinners

Actress Sana Kamel (Suhair Ramzy) dies in her bed and the prosecution begins to search for the killer and all the guests who were at her home on the night of her death are summoned, starting with her boyfriend, director Ahmed Saber. (Hussein Fahmy), who reported the crime of hearing someone stabbing his girlfriend while she was on the phone. It was delivered by telephone to Hafez Bey (Salah Zulfikar), chairman of the board of directors of the National Contracting Company, a person with perverse work behavior with a superiority complex, who helps the actress Sana build buildings in exchange for a sexual relationship and he cheats on his friend with his wife Mona (Zubaida Tharwat), who is having an affair with actress Sana at the same time.

Then the school principal, Elif El Bahrawy (Imad Hamdi), who leaked the exam, and the director of the association, Fahmy Al-Qalyubi (Tawfiq Al-Daqen), who sells subsidized goods to the rich and delivers them to them. at home, to young stallion Mamdouh (Adel Adham), who sells his body to actress Sana and at the same time runs his plan to steal an institution’s treasure with the help of his colleague, a treasure thief ( Ibrahim Khan) to doctor Tahseen (Yousef Shaaban), who practices abortions in violation of the law, and there is a man at the top of power (Kamal Al-Shennawi) who frequents the actress’s bed for fun, everyone is arrested Whoever it was at the party, after the prosecution revealed that the crimes committed during the ceremony were none other than the murder of an actress in her bed, investigator Hussein (Omar Hariri) discovers the disappearance of a precious earring that was with the actress and knows that her owner is Ahmed Saber’s mother, her boyfriend about her about the murdered woman, and confesses that her boyfriend, the director, said he killed her out of jealousy, seeing her in bed with an authoritative man.

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