On Thursday in Latvia there will be heavy snow and a little rain

In the morning, in many places in the country, later in the northern regions, the blizzard will continue, blowing with the gusting east wind. In the morning in Kolkasrags the wind speed in gusts will reach 18 meters per second. Starting in the south of the country, a slow to moderate southern wind will turn […]

Le Iene, Francesca Fagnani excluded because she was a woman. What happened

It is Francesca Fagnani’s turn to lead the Tuesday of Hyenas. The journalist, in fact, took the lead of the program alongside Nicola Savino and Gialappa’s band. And just like other stars from the world of television, music, sports and entertainment, it has given the best of itself, bringing to the center of attention issues […]

Helena Mikkelsen extends contract in Halle until 2024

Hall (dpa) – Handball Bundesliga club SV Union Halle-Neustadt has started personnel planning for the coming season. Helena Mikkelsen has extended her contract, which expires in the summer, for two more years until 2024. The club announced on Tuesday. The contract applies to both the first and second Bundesliga. «Mikkelsen is an absolute top performer […]

Norway tightens restrictions on Covid-19

From Wednesday, people living with a Covid-19 patient will be required to self-isolate until they test negative for Covid-19. This rule will be binding on all adults, regardless of vaccination status, but only a recommendation for children, Stere said. People with Covid-19 will need to be quarantined for five days. The Prime Minister emphasized that […]