Kiev-Uzhgorod train burned in Lviv

Photo: GSChS A train was burning in Lviv As a result of the fire, there are no casualties. The passengers were transferred to another carriage, the train continued its movement with a delay of 19 minutes. A fire broke out on the Kiev-Uzhgorod train, which arrived at the station in Lvov, last night. About it […]

Australian child death toll rises in wind-blown trampoline incident

Previously four deaths were known – two boys and two girls. The trampoline, on which the children were playing, was lifted by the wind to a height of about 10 meters. As a result, he ended up in a tree 50 meters from his original location. The publication named the names of all six dead […]

Gang attack kills 20 in Nigeria

Nigerian army soldiers (archive photo) Additional units of the security forces were sent to the attack area to protect the settlements and their residents. In northwestern Nigeria, gunmen killed at least 20 people. Kaduna State Minister of Security and Home Affairs Samuel Aruvan said this, according to the local Premium Times on Sunday, December 19. […]

In the Philippines, the number of victims of the super typhoon has exceeded 140 people

Consequences of the super typhoon Paradise in the Philippines The number of casualties is likely to rise as local authorities gather information from areas affected by the typhoon. This is complicated by the fact that there is practically no communication in this area. The number of victims of the super typhoon Paradise in the Philippines […]

‘La Gran Consulta’, Prize for the Luxury of Opinion on Television

The Luxury Advertising Awards 2021 they have recognized the campaign transmedia ‘The Great Consultation‘of RTVE with the Prize to the Luxury of the Opinion in the Television. The director of Communication and Participation of RTVE, MarĂ­a Eizaguirre, has collected the award at the gala for the IX edition of awards, held this Tuesday afternoon at […]

Nassar’s victims will receive $ 380 million in damages

Fifty-eight-year-old Nassar was sentenced to more than 300 years in prison in 2018 for abusing gymnasts and possessing child pornography. More than 350 women testified against him. After the scandal, the entire US Gymnastics leadership and the president and sports chief of the University of Michigan State, where Nassar also worked, resigned. Nassar’s victims included […]

US tornado death toll rises to 100

Kentucky tornado kills over 100 people A powerful destructive tornado swept over the United States at a speed of about 241 km / h. As a result of a series of devastating tornadoes in the United States, according to preliminary data, about 100 people died. The authorities say the death toll could rise significantly. This […]

In Greece, storm triggered floods: a man died

In Greece, storm led to floods Because of the rains, rivers overflowed their banks – villages and houses were flooded, trees were felled. Firefighters found the body of a 55-year-old woman who died. In Greece, a storm hit the northern and western regions. About it informs Reuters Sunday 12 December. Bad weather provoked floods. As […]

In the United States, a tornado destroyed a nursing home

Photo: The aftermath of a tornado in Arkansas The tornado destroyed the building, about twenty people were trapped in the rubble, one person died. In the US state of Arkansas, a tornado hit the city of Monette on Friday, December 10, one person died. This is reported by the TV channel Kait8. Craighead County […]