there is no victim

Posted on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 8:06 p.m. By L.S. On Wednesday, around 6 p.m., an explosion would have sounded in a seveso company located in Angleur. The police intervened and set up a security perimeter which was quickly lifted. On Wednesday, a small accidental explosion occurred in the Seveso Umicore company located in […]

Covid: cases in the world exceed 85 million – World

I coronavirus cases globally have exceeded the 85 million mark: this is what emerges from the counts of Johns Hopkins University. According to the American university and contagion I am currently 85,122,080, including 1,843,135 deaths. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 47,860,306 people have healed around the world. The United States continue to reap sad […]

Victim of rumors, Sonia Ben Cheikh files a complaint

Victim of rumors, Sonia Ben Cheikh files a complaint Sonia Ben Cheikh, former Minister of Health, shared on her Facebook page a status to denounce all the accusations and rumors circulating about her on social networks. Ben Cheikh declared that this campaign which targeted her and evoked her service to the ministries of health and […]

Explosion in a house near Piegaro, one dead – Umbria

It is a 44-year-old man born in Città della Pieve A 44-year-old man born in Città della Pieve died following an explosion that took place in the late morning in a house near Piegaro, in the locality of Cibottola. The firefighters, who intervened on the spot with two teams, were initially called for a gas […]

High-resolution photo of coronavirus thorns was first taken by scientists

Pictures of scientists will help to create effective vaccines against coronavirus. Photo: GLOBAL LOOK PRESS American scientists published the first quality photos of coronavirus thorns. Protein compounds are clearly visible in the pictures. According to scientists, the obtained images will help in creating an effective vaccine against coronavirus. Researchers from the United States explain in […]

Milan, 65 years old killed during a robbery near the Central station

20 December 2020 01:37 The victim was a Campania doctor. Not far from the same area, another robbery was committed by two foreigners: investigators investigate to see if there is a correlation The aggression Stefano Ansaldi, born in Benevento and living in Naples, where he practiced his profession, was probably occasionally in the Lombard capital: […]

United States. US government victim of cyberattacks

The government American confirmed on Sunday that it had observed suspicious activity on its networks, with press reports indicating that several government agencies have been targeted by cyber attacks linked to a foreign government and which are said to be aimed at stealing confidential information. “We are working in close collaboration with our partner agencies […]