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Victim of violent home invasion in Halle died


The 37-year-old man who was attacked at home by two men last week died in hospital from his injuries. The Halle-Vilvoorde public prosecutor’s office confirms this. The investigation into the facts is ongoing, but no arrests have yet been made.

The home invasion took place last Thursday night in Halle. When the resident arrived at his home around 2:45 a.m., he was immediately threatened by two men armed with firearms.

Once inside, the woman was also threatened by the duo. A skirmish then broke out in the entrance hall during which the resident was shot. The woman and children of the family were unharmed. The youngest child would only be a few months old.

The man was accompanied by a mosquito team to the hospital, where his life was still in danger during the late afternoon on Friday. Ingrid Moriau of the Halle-Vilvoorde public prosecutor’s office confirmed on Monday that the man has since died.

The investigation is in the hands of the Federal Judicial Police (FGP) Halle-Vilvoorde. No arrests have been made yet, the investigation is still ongoing.

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