The man said that his penis became smaller after the coronavirus

Photo: Unsplash The man complained about the reduction of the penis after covid According to doctors, the reduction of the penis after COVID-19 is a consequence of erectile dysfunction In the United States, a 30-year-old man, who wished to remain anonymous, complained that after suffering a coronavirus, his penis had shrunk. According to him, the […]

Dozens of Children in Kupang Infected with Dengue Fever – A total of 18 children in Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) were reported to be being treated for suffering from Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF). The Head of the P2P Division of the Kupang City Health Office, Tiur Saragih, told reporters that the total number of DHF patients up to January 9, 2022 […]

Peru Records First Death Due to Flurona, Combination of Flu and Covid-19 – Peru’s Ministry of Health today reported the first case of death from “flurona”, a combination infection from the flu and Covid-19, in an 87-year-old patient who had not been vaccinated due to comorbidities. The victim is one of three flu cases detected in the Amazon region, said Dr Cesar Munayco, researcher at the […]

VSK Rada named the main reason for the Ilovaisk tragedy / GORDON

This is stated in the interim report of the Temporary Investigative Commission (VSK) of the Verkhovna Rada on the investigation of possible illegal actions of representatives of state authorities and other persons against the sovereignty of Ukraine. The conclusion of the VSK at a briefing on November 15 was read out by its head, the […]

Accident with Infiniti in Kharkiv: five new witnesses found

Photo: Screenshot from video Fatal road accident in Kharkov: found five new witnesses More than nine eyewitnesses of the accident have already been questioned, while lawyers have found contacts of five more witnesses. In Kharkov, in the case of an accident, which was arranged by a 16-year-old Infiniti driver on October 26, 13 examinations were […]

Ukrainian citizen dies while hiking in Turkey – MFA / GORDON

“The Turkish investigation is considering a version of suicide. At the same time, until the completion of the investigative actions, in particular the examination of the object that was injured, the court temporarily forbade the companions of the Ukrainian to leave the territory of Turkey,” he said. According to Nikolenko, Ukrainian diplomats interact with Turkish […]

In Georgia, a policeman shot a colleague right at the police station – media

Photo: In western Georgia, a law enforcement officer killed a colleague and neighbor The shooting was the result of a quarrel between colleagues who were also neighbors. In western Georgia, a police officer killed a colleague by firing 12 bullets at him in a police station building. About this on Friday, November 5, reported […]