A woman from Plovdiv met the great love and lived in a horror movie

A young lady from Plovdiv meets the love of her life. Initially, she lives in a real paradise, but suddenly her husband abruptly changes his behavior. Constant harassment, violence and threats began. There were even blows in front of their two children. Forgiving and swallowing the aggression for years, the harassed mother finally sought help […]

Do Dreams Affect Sleep?

Nightmares can negatively affect sleep, but usually only if they occur frequently or at a very disturbing stage. Most people can have their nightmares once in a while without having a noticeable impact on their sleep quality. However, when nightmares are experienced frequently, it can be a barrier to experiencing quality sleep. For some people, […]

Refugees are invading our country in waves, carrying and … PHOTOS

Large groups of refugees, who also carry drugs, are currently invading our country. The traffickers pass them through 4 large-scale canals, which start from Istanbul, pass through Edirne and then branch off on our territory, write from Monitor. Illegal routes currently pass through the fence, which in many places is compromised, through the railway. Kapitan […]

Vasil Naidenov was chased because of unpaid heating, he filed a lawsuit

“I have an equalization inscribed bill from Toplofikacia for BGN 2,700. I can’t believe it, given that I regularly pay for the heating of the apartments. I don’t know how this happens,” our music legend Vasil Naidenov told Weekend. The great Bulgarian singer received the congratulations shortly before his 71st birthday in early September. “I […]

Reasons for Often Nightmares During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The sound of the ambulance siren blaring, videos of health workers and patients covid-19 who were in the ER, until the expressions of condolences spread on social media made the days darker. Every day, the hope that the pandemic is just a nightmare turns out to be an illusion. Many people […]

More nitrogen in sargassum, the worst nightmare for the Caribbean and Florida

(EFE) .- An “unexpected” excess of nitrogen in sargassum as a result of human activity has made these brown algae a toxic still-life habitat that invades the beaches of Florida and the Caribbean at levels that have not been previously seen so far. This summer, the beaches of Miami Beach have days with great saturation […]

The problems of these zodiac signs end within days

Astrologer Tamara Globa is ready with her forecast for April. Judging by the location of the planets, many will say goodbye to their problems after they have already managed to fix things not only personally but also professionally, she said. Be very careful with these 3 zodiac signs! If you make them angry, it gets […]

“What a mess in the room!”

Huy Waremme Huy Waremme News Posted on Saturday, February 20, 2021 at 6:22 a.m. By Amelia Dubois A couple from Anthis were thinking of celebrating Valentine’s Day in a luxurious guest room… but they quickly became disillusioned. Loula and Dylan’s night of love turned into a nightmare when they discover the place: blood stains on […]

Life in the great skyscraper of New York, a nightmare for the rich and famous

There is no doubt that the super towers of New York have changed the face of the city. And within this group of skyscrapers, the 432 Park Avenue is the perhaps the most iconic exponent. At the time of its inauguration, this 96-story, 426-meter high “spire” building was the tallest residential building in the world […]