7 Safe Outdoor Activities to Do when New Normal

loading… JAKARTA – There is pandemic Covid-19 does not necessarily stop all fun activities. Regardless of the changes in habits that occur, you can still enjoy various activities outdoor. This activity has been shown to have a lower risk of spreading the virus than indoor activities. (Also read: Pandemic, Don’t Stop Child Vaccines) Summarized from […]

Tour Bus Innovation for 70 Days New Delhi-London Trip, Interested in Trying? All pages

NEW DELHI, KOMPAS.com – What do you guys imagine to travel cross country from New Delhi ke London or vice versa, by bus? An expedition company called Adventures Overland offers the thrill of traveling from the Indian metropolis of New Delhi to the British capital, London. Launch CNN on Thursday (27/8/2020), a luxuriously modified bus […]

Morena goes against junk food also on public roads

Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive. MEXICO CITY. The vice-coordinator of the Morena bench, José Luis Rodríguez, as well as legislators Isabela Rosales, Lourdes Paz and Ricardo Fuentes, will present next Wednesday at the Standing Commission of the local Congress, an initiative that not only prohibits the sale of food with high calorie content inside schools -as […]

Make Traveling Videos Super Slow Using the OPPO Reno4 Slow-Motion Feature

Jakarta – Capturing travel moments is a must-do for travelers, especially young travelers. Because that way you can always remember the excitement with your friends, because when you are adults and have a family, you may not have the opportunity to feel the same excitement. Travel activities can be immortalized through photos or videos. Photos […]

Pandemic Covid-19, Something New at the Airport … Page all

OF In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic turbulence, there was something “new” at the airport. This new thing has also caught the public’s attention, especially for those who already want to start traveling again by air transportation. The co-19 pandemic really changed the airport. One activist colleague who has struggled for decades in the […]

The largest explosion detected since the Big Bang

Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 5:48 pm – Scientists have detected the most violent cosmic event to date. It would be the biggest explosion since the Big Bang! Explanations. A gigantic explosion has been detected in the heart of a galaxy far away. It is in a cluster of galaxies called Ophiuchus, located 390 million […]

Five tips to extend the life of your smartphone

Designed in the United States, assembled in Asia, with raw materials extracted in Africa and components manufactured in Europe: before it even arrives in your hands, your smartphone has been around the world more often than you … Without even mentioning the human and social conditions in which it is manufactured, its ecological impact is […]

What are the symptoms of menstrual toxic shock?

“Our 17-year-old Maëlle, a great sportswoman, full of life and projects, has just left us in less than 48 hours,” posts the mother of a Belgian teenager on her Facebook profile on Friday January 10. Cause of death: toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This rare disease is an infection due to Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria naturally […]

Four tips for getting up early without fatigue

Despite nights of the correct length and quality, you wake up tired every morning. Some tips can get you out of bed by limiting breakage, and start your day more fit. Read also ” Five tips to apply everyday to be less tired In video, these signs that prove that you are intellectually tired The […]

Former actress tells of “degrading” relationship with Harvey Weinstein

In the grip ofHarvey Weinstein, she would have started a fictitious relationship with the Hollywood producer. Jessica Mann, one of his accusers, assured Friday, January 31, having been trapped by his naivety and then guided by fear, on the eighth day of the trial of the mogul. Defense presented her as a young opportunistic actress, […]