Taliban Announces Future Legally Documented Afghans Can Travel Anywhere

A look at daily life in Kabul August 25, 2021 after the Taliban came to power. Afghanistan’s borders will be open and people will be able to travel anytime in and out of Afghanistan, said Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, deputy head of the Taliban’s political commission (Source: Straits Times via EPA-EFE) ACCEPTED, KOMPAS.TV – Afghan […]

List of Items You Shouldn’t Leave in the Car

Wallets, bags and medicine are three important items not to be left in the car REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — When traveling using a car and arriving at the destination, some people leave their belongings in parked vehicles. In fact, not all safe items are left just like that. Leaving certain items in your car for long […]

Panic among Romanians traveling to Greece

Panic among Romanians traveling to Greece has sparked a statement by the Romanian Foreign Ministry on mandatory border testing for all arrivals, the Ziare website reported, citing BTA. According to the publication, this is a “serious mistake” of the ministry, which announced last night that all tourists arriving in Greece will be subjected to a […]

Let’s see how to work and vacation safely in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic

loading… JAKARTA – Pandemic Covid-19 Indonesia is entering an alarming period. The number of positive cases has soared in recent times. Also read: Tips to Prevent Sexual Harassment, Important to Know! Data from the Covid-19 Handling Task Force announced that on Sunday, June 20, 2021, the number of additional positive cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia […]

Flight Tickets ‘Anywhere’ to Watch Supermoon Ludes 2.5 Minutes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Qantas is offering a new “flight to anywhere” that will provide an opportunity for Australians who miss the streets. This trip is done to admire supermoon late May and a full lunar eclipse from a height of over 40,000 feet in the sky. This tantalizing ticket is said to run out […]

Already Covid-19 Vaccine, Can Traveling? Page all

KOMPAS.com – Many people will of course wonder about what benefits will be obtained after getting the Covid-19 vaccine. Whether it opens up the possibility to leave the house more freely without a mask, or even traveling to a tourist spot that has not been visited for a long time. Then, is it permissible to […]

Watch a video from the plane that crashed in Sofia because of a rioting Indian

Unbroadcast footage from the plane appeared on YouTube An Indian citizen who was rioting on an Air France flight on the Paris-Delhi route was shot down at Sofia airport. He wanted to break into the cockpit and attacked the crew. Due to the man’s behavior, the plane had to land in the Bulgarian capital last […]

Fly More Quietly with Health Protection + COVID-19

loading… JAKARTA – Currently leaving holidaybecomes something that sucks the mind. This is reasonable because there is still worry due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Various solutions have begun to be offered. One of them is from the Pegipegi travel company. Pegipegi issues a special Pegipegi Travel Protection service that not only provides protection against losses, […]